Onna wa Sore o Yurusanai


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31-year-old Iwasaki Urara lost her first court case after she just became a lawyer. This traumatised her and she ended up having no confidence to stand in a courtroom. Urara no longer practices law now, but ekes out a living by working part time in order to repay a loan she had borrowed for school fees to become a lawyer. Her days are empty without purpose in life or work. Aiming at a comeback, Urara goes for an interview at Saint, the biggest law firm in the industry, but is flatly rejected by her interviewer, 41-year-old elite lawyer Ebisawa Rinka who tells her, “You’re not fit for us”. An elite lawyer, Rinka is rumoured to be a candidate for a position in Saint’s management. She lives in a high-rise apartment, and likes fine wines and branded goods. However, she is fixated on winning court cases and even resorts to questionable methods. There are also lawyers within the firm who resent her. One day, secret money which had been deposited into a bank account that only Rinka knows about is exposed and she is accused by Kodama Yoshikatsu, the associate director. The proud Rinka would rather resign than be dismissed. Neither her junior Kudo Seiji nor her ex-boyfriend Katsuragi Yuji could stop her. Furthermore, Rinka withdraws from the bar association and attempts to join other associations. However, she requires two referees in order to do so, but every acquaintance she has kept in touch with reject her. Meanwhile, only her university senior, Tadamori Tojiro, throws her a lifeline by hiring her as an office clerk. Tadamori also tells her if she teams up with some lawyer to help clients and there are 10 appreciative people, he will be her referee. With no choice but to build up confidence in the many court cases she won so that she can win back credibility as a lawyer, Rinka sets eyes on Urara’s legal qualifications. She visits her and suggests that they work together at Tadamori’s office. Takiguchi Taisuke, an apprentice under training at the office, is surprised to learn that Rinka and Urara, whose personalities are completely different, have teamed up. The first case that the two women are put in charge of involves “maternity harassment”. Noda Sayaka, who was forced by a food company to resign because of her pregnancy, complains that she received bad treatment from her boss Saegusa Yuriko while expecting. Rinka and Urara visit the boss and her director and get into the company, but … … Will the two women be able to grasp happiness both as a lawyer and a female?

Fukada Kyoko as Iwasaki Urara
Influenced by her father who was a lawyer, she qualified as a lawyer too. But after fleeing the court, she resigned from the law firm that she worked for and distanced herself from legal work. She now does temporary work while repaying the fees for law school. However, she decides to return to the legal circle again upon her father’s death. Although she applies for Saint, the largest law firm in the industry, she is unceremoniously dropped by the interviewer Ebisawa Rinka. But she is forced to team up with Rinka who is no longer able to practice law after withdrawing from the bar association, and be her pawn. Because she is an introvert, she is not able to use strong words with people, but can think of things from a zero base. Her personality is the complete opposite of Rinka’s and many things bewilder her. In addition, she has not been able to stand in a courtroom ever since her past failure. But she sets her sights on becoming a lawyer for the people with a different way of looking at things.

Terajima Shinobu as Ebisawa Rinka
An elite lawyer with the big law firm, Saint. Good at corporate litigation, she is fixated on winning court cases and would even resort to seemingly questionable methods without hesitation in order to win. There are many people who frown on such an aggressive approach, but no one is able to go against her within the company. Contrary to expectations, she is charged and not even given an opportunity to explain. Deciding that she would rather resign than be fired, she quits the law firm as well as the bar association, and ends up losing her license to practice law. She requires two referees in order to join other bar associations, and yet she is turned away by every lawyer acquaintance she has. Even when she visits her university senior, Tadamori Tojiro, he attaches the condition that she team up with some lawyer to help clients. If she is told “thank you by 10 appreciative clients”, he will be her referee. This is how she gets the idea of making use of Iwasaki Urara whom she had rejected at the interview.

Kamikawa Takaya as Tadamori Tojiro
Ebisawa Rinka’s senior during university days. Called a street lawyer, he deals largely with personal consultations. He has no prospect for hefty paychecks. On top of that, he does not discriminate and would offer a helping hand to clients who are in trouble although it is not profitable. Even with Rinka, he accepts her in his law firm in order to give her a foothold to make a comeback despite his conditions. The moment he meets Iwasaki Urara whom Rinka has brought with her, he judges that the two of them will be able to cover for each other’s shortcomings. He breaks the ice with magic which he is good at. He has a mild personality, but is excellent as a lawyer. He nonchalantly offers Urara advice and gives assistance on the side.

Kato Masaya as Katsuragi Yuji
A lawyer with the law firm, Saint. He and Ebisawa Rinka were Saint’s two greatest lawyers, and had been contending to be the senior partner. Because he and Rinka used to be a couple, he is concerned about her when she resigns from the law firm although they have broken up, but … …

Yoshizawa Hisashi as Kudo Seiji
A lawyer with the law firm, Saint. He respects Ebisawa Rinka’s aggressive but brilliant skills. He tries to stop her when she declares that she is quitting and even though he helps her out, he cannot go against the company’s policy.

Takenaka Naoto as Kodama Yoshikatsu
The deputy of the law firm, Saint. He does not get on well with Ebisawa Rinka, and has been endorsing Katsuragi Yuji to be the next senior partner. He does not like Rinka’s way of winning lawsuits and watches for an opportunity to rip into her.

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