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In the autumn of their first year in high school, some incident spurred Yoshizawa Tomomi and Hayakawa Kaoru to promise to be friends forever. However, at their present age of 41, the two of them have gone through different lives. Tomomi is full-time housewife who lives in an exclusive residential neighbourhood and has built a happy family that everyone envies while Kaoru lives for her career as a movie producer. The differences in their lifestyles have created a distance between them. The two friends meet again for the first time at a class reunion after 20-something years at the urging of their good friend Mikami Haruko and quickly return to their former closeness. However, questions spring to Tomomi’s mind. Kaoru knows too much about her own family even though she does not remember talking about them. Tomomi starts to suspect that her husband Hoshino Yosuke and good friend are having an affair. She calls Kaoru out to a shrine to demand an explanation. At that moment, their two souls swop in an accident. When Tomomi gets to the bottom of the matter, an inconceivable fate awaits her and Kaoru. The two of them are at the mercy of a harsh destiny, and before long, they learn what is hidden in each other’s hearts … …

Nagasaku Hiromi as Hoshino Tomomi
A full-time housewife who has built a happy family that everyone envies. Her husband Yosuke is caring and also good at his work and their son attends a prestigious kindergarten. During high school, she and Hayakawa Kaoru promised each other that they would be friends forever because of some incident, but they drifted apart because of their different lifestyles. She meets Kaoru again at a class reunion after a long while. However, she starts to suspect that her husband and good friend are having an affair due to Kaoru’s casual remark.

Ishida Yuriko as Hayakawa Kaoru
Hoshino Tomomi’s good friend since high school days. She is now a movie producer who is active on the front line. She has many enemies due to her outspoken, candid personality. However, she has earned her current position on her own merit. She behaves like she loves with wild abandon and enjoys being single, but in fact, she cannot forget the unhappy event which she experienced in the past. She has kept a distance from Tomomi not just because work is hectic but also due to some circumstances.

Fujiki Naohito as Hoshino Yosuke
Hoshino Tomomi’s husband. An elite who handles urban development at a big developer and is also responsible for large overseas projects. He is sophisticated and very popular. At home, he is a good father who cherishes time with Tomomi and their son, Kento but sometimes comes home late because work is busy. However, his relationship with Hayakawa Kaoru … … He believes both Tomomi and Kaoru can be happy.

Sato Hitomi as Mikami Haruko
A good friend of Hoshino Tomomi and Hayakawa Kaoru. In contrast to Tomomi’s family, her husband Mitsuo is ordinary and their two sons are rascals. She had been living in Shizuoka, but returned to Tokyo because of her husband’s job transfer. She is proud to have Hoshino Tomomi and Hayakawa Kaoru as her friends and occasionally calls the two of them out.

Tanimura Mitsuki as Toyama Fuyuko
Mikami Mitsuo’s lover. She loves Mitsuo, who worships her, despite their age gap. She was prepared to break up with him once, but eventually pursued him to Tokyo.

Lily as Yoshizawa Hiroko
Hoshino Tomomi’s mother. She was harsh in her upbringing of Tomomi since a young age because she loves her. The relationship between mother and daughter became strained as a result of this and is beyond repair now. Her grandson Kento has become their only point of contact.

Omi Toshinori as Mikami Mitsuo
Mikami Haruko’s husband and a salaryman who works for a paper manufacturer. At home, he is completely at the beck and call of his wife, but he continues with his affair with Toyama Fuyuko outside. Furthermore, he happens to share secrets with Hoshino Yosuke whom he gets to know in an unexpected turn of events … …

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