First Class Season 2


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Wednesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 15 October 2014

Fuji TV

Yoshinari Chinami resigns from the magazine First Class and steps into the new world of fashion branding. The fashion brand is ‘Tatsuko Yano’ which has a management crisis. The company’s president, Yano Tatsuko, has hired Hiroki Rika to be the creative director in order to break out of the situation. Soon after assuming her duties, Rika declares that she will announce this year’s autumn/winter collection one week later. She assembles the designers Tonomine Nagiko and Kawashima Namie as well as assistant designers Suga Sakura and Saeki Daigoro, and instructs them to submit new designs quickly. Chinami suddenly joins in an internal competition which will determine the chief designer. Before the big event, Aramaki Chifuyu and her assistant Mukaiyama Hana from the PR team worry about China as they start to consider the way to release the announcement and the arrangements. Tatsuko, Rika, Tatsuko’s son Ryutaro, who is the company’s managing director, attend a party thrown by NGS Holdings which has been acquiring several brands. Takigawa Ranko who left Tatsuko Yano one year ago and became the CEO of NGS Holdings, orders her right-hand man Mamiya Mitsuru to check up on Tatsuko Yano’s assets even as she flashes a smile at Tatsuko. At the same time, Daigoro is in the empty office. He carries out a “mission” under someone’s directions. This marks the opening of a conflict that no one will win … …

Sawajiri Erika as Yoshinari Chinami
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Utsunomiya City, she graduated from a fashion college with the dream of working in the fashion industry. She suddenly ended up interning at the editorial department of First Class, the coveted fashion magazine and rose to become the chief editor amid a series of mounting. In the end, she saved the magazine from being discontinued. Scouted by the creative director, Hiroki Rika, to revitalise a number of brands, she starts off as a budding designer for the famous fashion brand, Tatsuko Yano. However, she is thrust into another hell by power-hungry women including Rika. Although she is emotionally and physically battered, she advances because of a resilience forged in the editorial department of First Class, a desire to fulfil her dream as well as to carry out her job. She is a lifelong fighter.

Kimura Yoshino as Hiroki Rika
Tatsuko Yano’s new creative director. An extraordinarily talented woman with a brilliant mind, acumen and. After graduating from university, she joined publishing department of Junka Co, and was at one time a junior staff of Osawa Rumi, the chief editor of First Class. She then turned around fashion brands which had been in a slump as a business consultant to a number of brands. The “new empress” who works behind the scenes in the world of fashion brands. She possesses an unearthly and bewitching quality. No one is her equal. There are occasions when she makes use of Yano Tatsuko too. She becomes the last greatest, strongest, fieriest real obstacle to Chinami.

Kurashina Kana as Suga Sakura
A design assistant at Tatsuko Yano. She was employed because of her vocational college teacher’s connections. She is good at ingratiating herself with older people. Amused by the designers, Tonomine Nagiko and Kawashima Namie, who are working against each other, she turns a blind eye. She is dating Yano Ryutaro, the son of the founder and eventual successor, and looking for ways to get married. She is ready to become the hunter and empty her shotgun if something seems to be looming over her plans.

Aoyagi Sho as Mamiya Mitsuru
He made his mark and fortune in the IT industry since he was young. With his eyes on the fashion industry, he joined hands with Takigawa Ranko, who was about to start her own business, to restructure a number of brands and set up NGS Holdings. He gave Ranko the position of company president and established himself in the management of an affiliate fast fashion brand. He is a man who is good at the money game. Because of his looks and brains, he is fully aware of Ranko’s private interest in him, but toys with her. He starts to take both a biological and a sexual interest in Yoshinari Chinami, and plots to bring down Tatsuko Yano by manipulating her.

Shishido Kavka as Kawashima Namie
A young designer at Tatsuko Yano and a talented, no-nonsense woman. She had an internship with a popular brand in New York and came back to Japan with the dream of setting up her own brand. She joins Tatsuko Yano in order to forge personal relationships in Japan. Her philosophy is to use every person that she can. She quietly starts to give incredibly harsh warnings to Yoshinari Chinami. Her younger sister is Kawashima Remie, an editor with the editorial department of First Class.

Yo Kimiko as Takigawa Ranko
The new company president of the large apparel holdings, NGS. She clashed with Yano Tatsuko over the management policy and was booted out. She started up her own business one year ago. She supported Tatsuko since the beginning and gave shape to her designs, but jealousy that she would be nothing more than Tatsuko’s shadow welled up before she realised it. When she started up her own business, she joined hands with Mamiya Mitsuru. She has remained single her entire life. She freely mobilises Mitsuru as her right-hand man, and begins her revenge on Tatsuko.

Natsuki Mari as Yano Tatsuko
The founder of Tatsuko Yano. She established the brand when she was 25 and has safeguarded it for 35 years. She has slightly lost sight of her own future along with the recent slump in sales. She employs the creative director Hiroki Rika and seems to put faith in her but actually hides her true feelings. Her son is naturally the most important, but she also thinks it is too imprudent to entrust the brand that she has protected as if her life depended on it to him.

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