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Tuesdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 14 October 2014

Fuji TV

Sentaxi is a marvellous vehicle that lets a passenger ride to a point in the past as he or she wishes. Edawakare, the driver of Sentaxi, would give advice to the passenger as he brings him or her back to the “turning point of the past” and gets a chance to make a fresh start in life. However, just because he or she can start over, does not necessarily mean he or she will come to the desired ending. By repeating this process, the passenger will be reminded of what is truly important in his or her own life. Edawakare’s cool appearance is unexpectedly at odds with his talkative, meddlesome, sweet-toothed character. When he has no customers to pick up, he will be at his favourite cafe ‘choice’.

Episode 1
Struggling actor Murakami Hideki intends to propose to his girlfriend Urasawa Kaori and hurries to the high-end restaurant where they have arranged to meet. However, the two of them, who always end up quarrelling if they meet, quickly get into an argument over a trivial matter when they arrive at the restaurant. Kaori is sick of this sort of relationship. She tells Murakami that she wants to break up and storms out of the restaurant. Trying to pursue her, he hastily gets into a taxi. After travelling for a while, the taxi driver who has heard about the situation proposes, “Shall we go back to the time when she was at the restaurant?” He is Edawakare. A bewildered Murakami does not understand what he means so Edawakare explains that the taxi can bring a passenger back to the turning point where he or she would like to start over. Murakami half believes Edawakare, but asks him to return to 30 minutes earlier out of desperation. With 10,000 yen, Murakami goes back in time. This time, he is careful to be agreeable as he proposes to Kaori. However, his happiness is short-lived. The other party at a matchmaking party which Kaori had participated in without letting Murakami know, shows up and Murakami learns that has been complaining about him. Unable to control his anger, Murakami shrugs off Kaori who has come after him in an attempt to clear up the misunderstanding, and gets into the Sentaxi again. However, he sees an email from Kaori while inside the taxi and asks Edawakare to go back to that previous scene again. Having made his choice, Murakami returns to the restaurant and kindly tells Kaori as she panics about him finding out about the matchmaking party, “It’s alright. I understand.” With the ill feelings cleared up, the two of them get into a good mood … … Then the sound of a gunshot suddenly rings out in the restaurant … …

Episode 2
The daughter of the mayor of a seaside town has been kidnapped by someone. The police get information about the criminal’s escape in an election campaign car and start the investigation under the assumption that this is a crime by a person who holds a grudge against the mayor. At this moment, Edawakare suddenly appears before Hirano, the owner of a guest house, as he fishes at a breakwater. He asks for the directions to spots in this town which have been popular with couples since olden times. Worn down by Edawakare’s persistence, Hirano has no choice but to take a ride in the Sentaxi and tell him which way to go. However, they pass by an election campaign car along the way. Hirano, who had heard about the kidnapping from a patrol officer, hurriedly alerts the police. The girl is soon taken into police custody. When Hirano visits the police station, Takahashi Kanako, the mayor’s wife who was his girlfriend during his student days is there. Reunited with Kanako after such a long time, Hirano is reminded of the painful past where he had not been able to hold Kanako back from a matchmaking. In addition, he realises when he see Kanako’s daughter and the youth arrested as the kidnapper, that he had interrupted their elopement. Edawakare suggests to a dazed Hirano that he should go back. Hearing that the Sentaxi can go back to the turning point where he would like to start over, Hirano chooses to return to the moment before they passed by the election campaign car. The fare is 19,500. This time, Hirano stands in front of the vehicle and tries to listen to the two young people, but the election campaign car continues to escape. Not giving up, Hirano asks Edawakare to give chase. They pursue the vehicle in the Sentaxi, but … …

* Takenouchi Yutaka as Edawakare
* Masuno Hidetomo (Bakarhythm) as Sakota Hiroshi
* Minamisawa Nao as Usami Natsuki
* Seino Nana as Seki Kanna
* Masu Takeshi as Shirube Michio
* Yasuda Ken as Murakami Hideki (Episode 1)
* Konishi Manami as Urasawa Kaori (Episode 1)
* Nakamura Toru as Hirano (Episode 2)
* Kirishima Reika as Takahashi Kanako
* Kimura Fumino as Marina(Episode 3)
* Nakamura Shunsuke as Nonoyama (Episode 3)
* Fueki Yuko as Akiho (Episode 3)
* Katsuji Ryo as Asakura (Episode 4)
* Mano Erina as Asuka (Episode 4)
* Yoshida Yo as Misako (Episode 5)
* Hakamada Yoshihiko as Kudo (Episode 5)
* Kuriyama Chiaki as Miku (Episode 6)
* Usuda Asami as Yuka (Episode 6, 8)
* Kanjiya Shihori as Mari (Episode 7)
* Katsurayama Shingo as Naito Akira (Episode 7)
* Takahashi Tsutomu as Kubo (Episode 9)
* Kajihara Zen as A man (Episode 9)

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