Yuube no Curry, Ashita no Pan


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Terayama Tetsuko, whose husband Kazuki died of cancer seven years ago at the young age of 25, lives together with her father-in-law Rentaro. They are a family, but theirs is a delicate relationship of daughter-in-law and father-in-law with no blood ties. Through the intriguing people Tetsuko comes into contact with who were linked by fate to her kindhearted husband, she is freed from the pain of the loss of her loved one and begins to start life again.
One day, Tetsuko is asked by her boyfriend Iwai Masaharu to marry him. He cannot understand why she continues to live with her father-in-law even after her husband’s death. However, a queer bond had grown between Tetsuko and Rentaro while they were there for Kazuki as he battled with cancer. Meanwhile, her father-in-law learns about the proposal from Asako, the sister of his late wife, and gets flustered. At that moment, Rentaro and Tetsuko recall the time when Kazuki was hospitalised. The night they bought freshly baked bread on the way home from the hospital.

Naka Riisa as Terayama Tetsuko
She married young but her beloved husband Kazuki died of illness. She keeps her grief to herself and still lives together with her father-in-law even seven years after Kazuki’s death. She is dating a colleague at work, Iwai Masaharu. Through her interactions with Kazuki’s acquaintances, she is slowly freed from her grief.

Kaga Takeshi as Terayama Rentaro
Terayama Tetsuko father-in-law. The father of Kazuki. He goes on TV and radio because he is a weather forecaster. His wife Yuko also died young. He loves eating and has an unpretentious personality that is impossible to hate.

Mizobata Junpei as Iwai Masaharu
Terayama Tetsuko’s company colleague and boyfriend. A salesman who flies about overseas. He is the type of person who will rush headlong into things. Although he proposes to Tetsuko, he is not able to get her response. He is good at cooking.

Hoshino Gen as Terayama Kazuki
Terayama Tetsuko’s late husband. He suffered from cancer and suddenly passed away seven years ago. Because he was very popular from way back, the people around him are baffled that he married Tetsuko.

Mimura as Oda Takara (Mumumu)
A neighbour of the Terayamas. Terayama Kazuki’s childhood friend and a former cabin attendant. She has not been able to smile ever since something happened. She quit her job and has been going to the hospital regularly. She fears contact with people and wanders the streets alone at night.

Katagiri Hairi as Akiyama Asako
The younger sister of Terayama Rentaro’s wife, Yuko. A dentist who opened a dental clinic. She leads a completely opposite life from her sister who became a housewife after marriage. Their personalities are also polar opposites. In truth, she cannot stand being alone, is obstinate and cannot be honest.

Kaku Kento as Takeuchi Torao
Terayama Kazuki’s younger cousin. The son of Terayama Rentaro’s older sister. He adored Kazuki since childhood. After Kazuki died, he took over his car as a memento. He is engaged to a girlfriend whom he has been dating but has doubts about marriage.

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