Tamagawa Kuyakusho of the Dead


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Saturdays, 12.12 – 12.52 a.m. from 4 October 2014

TV Tokyo

16 years ago, there was a large occurrence of zombies in western Mexico. They rapidly spread around the world through the transmission of a virus. The world was thrown into panic with the appearance of the first zombies, but because their movements were slow and they were also feeble, zombies were not commonly perceived to be such a threat. In Japan in the year 20xx, their existence has become an everyday affair. Municipalities across the country set up special welfare divisions. The primary responsibilities of this division are to manage and capture special insurance subjects (residents carrying the zombie virus or zombified residents). But Tamagawa ward’s Special Welfare Division is where all the flawed staff members from other divisions have been transferred. Akaba Shinsuke is one such staff member. In his 25 years, he has had no one to call girlfriend and has no objective in life. Koda Kenji, a university associate professor who goes in and out of the division, is also an eccentric who loves zombies. Then one day, Tachibana Rin, a girl with the looks of an idol and skills of a martial artist is assigned as a rookie … …

Hayashi Kento as Akaba Shinsuke
A very passive 25-year-old male. He is a kindhearted guy who will not even kill a bug. He has no goal in life and gets a job at the ward office because he seeks stability and monotony, but he is assigned to the activities unit of Tamagawa Ward Office’s Special Welfare Division because of his extraordinary swiftness. Although he is unhappy with this posting, it is hard for him to give up the sense of security that comes with being a civil servant and he is conflicted every day. He ends up empathising with the zombies. At times that he is likely to brood, he would run. When he runs, he can clear his mind. This is how he has remained in this job for three years.

Hirose Alice as Tachibana Rin
A new staff of Tamagawa Ward Office’s Special Welfare Division. She detests zombies because of some trauma and rages that she will kill all the zombies in this world. Although it was her own wish to come to work at the division, she is disappointed with the atmosphere of the lazy division and in particular, openly shows disgust at Akaba Shinsuke who seems weak. She has a black belt in kendo and physical strength, but on the other hand, there are times when she gets reckless and disregards danger.

Takahashi Tsutomu as Okawa Tsuyoshi
The person in charge of the activities unit of Tamagawa Ward Office’s Special Welfare Division. The direct superior of Akaba Shinsuke and Tachibana Rin. He would also thrust the dangerous task of capturing zombies to Akaba even though he has pride in his work, and sometimes displays his chivalry. A weight training enthusiast.

Katagiri Jin as Tanokura Kei
The person in charge of the administrative unit of Tamagawa Ward Office’s Special Welfare Division. He is responsible for the application, acceptance and management of those infected with the zombie virus. He loves underground idols and eavesdropping.

Kaneko Nobuaki as Koda Kenji
An associate professor of the Tamagawa University of Medicine. Akaba Shinsuke’s childhood friend. He is an eccentric who became a researcher because of his preference for zombies. He would go to Tamagawa Ward Office’s Special Welfare Division several times a week as a part-time staff to perform medical examinations on carriers of the zombie virus. Although he is fairly popular with females, he has no interest in the living and does not appear to have a girlfriend.

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