Fuji TV Drama Special 2014 ~ Inochi Arukagiri Tatakae, Soshite Ikinukunda

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 15 August 2014
Cast: Kamikawa Takaya, Mizobata Junpei, Kitano Kii, Kato Masaya, Osugi Ren, Nishina Akiko, Kimura Tae, Kobayashi Nenji
Synopsis: Colonel Nakagawa Kunio (Kamikawa Takaya), the commander of the Second Infantry Regiment, and the young Second Lieutenant Ito Masato (Mizobata Junpei) set foot on the small island of Peleliu in Palau at a late stage in the Pacific War. Palau belonged to Germany in World War I but was released to Japan under a mandate. Peleliu became a support base with what was said to be the largest Japanese military presence in the Orient. The defence of the whole of Japan is tied to defending this island to the last from the American troops. Nakagawa, who had left his wife Mitsue (Kimura Tae) behind in Japan, was put in charge of Peleliu where fierce fighting would later be waged with American troops for over 70 days. On the way to Peleliu, Nakagawa and Ito stayed at Koror, the capital of Palau, and met the geisha Kosuzu (Kitano Kii) at Mineya, a traditional Japanese restaurant which the proprietress Hamano Yaeko (Nishina Akiko) runs. The streets of Koror were once burnt down in an air raid. Kosuzu hates soldiers because of that and reacted sharply to Ito. Ito got into a quarrel with Kosuzu, but was concerned about her when he heard that she has no family. He persuaded her to board the last boat returning to Japan before the Second Infantry Regiment headed to Peleliu from Koror. However, Kosuzu was not at the boarding point for the boat … … The regiment led by Nakagawa arrives on Peleliu. They are subjected to harsh work every day, but with the proactive help of the islanders, they establish their positions. When the battle finally approaches, the island’s chief visits Nakagawa and volunteers to fight together with the Japanese army. However, Nakagawa chooses to evacuate the islanders. Several days later, a boat comes to deliver goods to Peleliu and there is a uniformed soldier of small build … … Nakagawa and Ito cannot hide their surprise. Meanwhile, the regiment starts to plunge into battle with the American troops … …
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