Soko o Nantoka Season 2


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Sundays, 10.00 – 10.50 p.m. from 3 August 2014

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Kaise Rakuko has reached her third year as a lawyer at Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm but has still not got out of being the rookie. She is asked to take the case of Matsui who claims that the patent he invented was stolen by his company. Aspiring to be the mainstay of her law firm, Rakuko is in high spirits to unexpectedly get an intellectual property dispute which presents her the chance to earn 10 million yen in fees if she wins. Her boss Sugawara Kotaro feels that it she would have to bear a lot on her own and headhunts the handsome and capable Nishibeppu Tetsuya, a former public prosecutor turned lawyer. Just as Nishibeppu becomes a member of the law firm, Rakuko hears that her senior Shoji Hiroaki, whom she respects, is relocating to London, and is somehow greatly shaken … .. Meanwhile, there are bad rumours about Nishibeppu and he seems to have a secret which he cannot disclose for some reason. What is his real reason for coming to the office? Will Rakuko be able to save Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm?

Motokariya Yuika as Kaise Rakuko
A rookie lawyer in her third year. Wanting to get out of a life of poverty, she worked at a night club while dreaming of making a fortune, and became a lawyer. She is vivacious, soft-hearted and awkward with romance. She has passion even for cases which are not lucrative, and would give her best.

Ichikawa Sarunosuke as Shouji Hiroaki
Kaise Rakuko’s trusted and respected senior. A lawyer who worked at Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm but moved to Sakita Law Firm one year ago. Although he is extremely outstanding, he cannot hold his liquor.

Megumi as Kubota Aki
A clerk at Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm. For ten years, she had lived with her son, Subaru, as a single mother. She and Sugawara Kotaro recently got married.

Inoue Yoshio as Nishibeppu Tetsuya
A former public prosecutor who resigned and became a lawyer. This time, he transfers to Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm as a partner. His personal life is shrouded in mystery.

Otomo Kohei as Sugawara Kotaro
The boss of Sugawara Kotaro Law Firm. He was a former law faculty professor. Shouji Hiroaki and Kubota Aki are his ex-students. He watches over Kaise Rakuko’s struggles. He is a compassionate man who cannot leave those in trouble alone.

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