TV Asahi Drama Special 2014 ~ Hakugin Jack


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 2 August 2014
Cast: Watanabe Ken, Okada Masaki, Hirosue Ryoko, Suzuki Kousuke, Shonozaki Ken, Yasuda Ken, Nakao Akiyoshi, Yamashita Rio, Kaneda Akio, Watanabe Tetsu, Oumiya Taro, Bengal, Hiraizumi Sei, Nogiwa Yoko (guest star), Kunimura Jun
Original Work: Hakugin Jack by Higashino Keigo
Synopsis: Kurata Reiji (Watanabe Ken), the general manager of the ski slope at Appi Ski Resort, pursues a reckless snowboarder who has trespassed on an area that is off-limits. A scene from a tragic accident that occurred one year ago comes back to his mind. One year earlier, a female guest skiing on a regular course at the Kitazuki area within the ski resort, was struck and killed by a snowboarder who had jumped out from the restricted area. This heartbreaking accident took place while she was enjoying a ski holiday with her husband (Yasuda Ken) and their son. Memories of the snow stained red with blood, the anguished cries of her husband and her son who stood still in shock are still fresh in Kurata’s mind. To this day, the criminal has not been captured. The Kitazuki area has remained closed since then … … On this day, Kurata ends up failing to catch the reckless snowboarder. This person is skilled enough to shake Kurata off, and Kurata is an outstanding skier. Could this person be the criminal from one year ago? The next day, a threat is sent to the ski resort. It seems to be a far-fetched demand for “compensation for environmental destruction” and a half-hearted amount of 30 million yen. At first glance, the contents appear to be a practical joke. However, the line “A time-bomb has been planted on the ski slope” worries Kurata. If it really does explode, a catastrophe will be inevitable. Not only will guests in the surroundings be killed, an avalanche will also be triggered. For the safety of the guests, Kurata suggests to the company president Kakei Junichiro (Kunimura Jun) to close the ski area immediately and report the threat to the police. But Kakei’s priority is the resort’s operations and he rejects Kurata’s opinions. He prepares to comply with the demands of the criminal instead. It appears that Kakei is secretly planning to sell off the ski area and does not want this incident to be publicised. It is impossible for a mere salaryman like Kurata to stand up to him. The only thing he can do is to try to prevent the guests from getting dragged into the matter. Three days later, all the guests of the ski resort are taken hostage and a deal for the ransom finally begins.
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