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Imamura Kinichiro reaches the day of his graduation ceremony with no emotional attachment to high school life; not even friends or memories. He was avoided by the people around him because he looks like a delinquent and nothing good happens when he tries to associate with other people. He recalls the scene of the leader of the cheering squad Usami Yoshiko in a school uniform for boys as she sang the school anthem alone with a loud voice on the day of the enrollment ceremony three years ago. After the graduation ceremony, Kinichiro sneaks into the disused room of the cheering squad which has been closed down, and encounters his classmate Fujieda Akira who has come here for a rendezvous with her boyfriend. Akira gets the wrong idea about him because of all the queer rumours and in her mad dash to escape, she tumbles from the stairs. Kinichiro is about to rush over to Akira when he loses his footing and goes flying. Nothing good comes from trying to associate with other people indeed. As this thought crosses his mind, Kinichiro regains consciousness and finds that he has gone back in time to the morning of the enrollment ceremony three years ago. He meets a stodgy and inflexible Usami who is soliciting incoming freshmen. Deciding to channel the doubts in his mind in the three years and change the future of the cheering squad, Kinichiro joins. But Usami will not tell him the reason why she is the squad’s only member. On the contrary, he quickly gets himself sacked by incurring her anger with a recruitment poster he had taken the liberty to create … …

Fujii Ryusei as Imamura Kinichiro
His high school graduation ceremony is one without friends or memories. For some reason, he suddenly goes back in time to the day of the enrollment ceremony three years ago. Because he believes that getting involved in anything is asking for trouble, he avoids every person and incident. His only weapon is misplaced anger. The words he unleashes under pressure pack power like head-on punches.

Hayami Akari as Usami Yoshiko
A third-year student of Kabosu Minami High School and the leader of the cheering squad. She is a dignified beauty, but serious, inflexible and tactless. She gets on the bad side of the entire school’s students as a result of her unique qualities. Her signature moves are “forceful declaration” and “head-butt”.

Kojima Fujiko as Shibata Reo
A first-year student of Kabosu Minami High School who belongs to the cheerleading club. She has brains, good academic results and good conduct. She is the very picture of an A-student, but gets close to Imamura Kinichiro who is involved in the quarrel between the cheering squad and the cheerleading club. This is actually a practical joke that is meant to be.

Kusumi Koharu as Abe Tamaki
A third-year student of Kabosu Minami High School and the leader of the cheerleading club. The leader of the girls in the high school’s caste system. She hates Usami Yoshiko whose way of life is the exact opposite of hers … …

Okano Maya as Fujieda Akira
After spending a high school life with lots of friends and memories, she ends up travelling back three years into the past with Imamura Kinichiro. Because she lacks discretion and is the type who would react without thinking, trouble can ensue because of an offhand conversation.

Watanabe Yutaro as Okuma Tatsuhiko
A second-year student of Kabosu Minami High School and the drummer of the cheering squad. He would immediately kneel down on the ground if something is up even though it maybe nothing. He is called the “kneeling down expert”. He is also an expert in taiko drums.


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