Aoi Honoo

Aoi Honoo

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Saturdays, 12.12 – 12.52 a.m. from 19 July 2014

TV Tokyo

It is the beginning of the 1980s. First-year art college student Honoo Moyuru who grew up watching anime such as Gundam and Touch, is taken with the world of manga and goes on to the Osaka University of Arts. Passionate and ambitious about becoming a manga writer, he has misplaced confidence in his own ability, believing without a doubt that he should be able to debut some day and is diligent in his daily assignments. Moyuru is rather proud about his first assignment. But in the classroom, Anno Hideaki’s work draws a crowd. Stunned by Hideaki’s level, Moyuru vows revenge in the next round. However, strong rivals such as Yamaga Hiroyuki and Akai Takami distinguish themselves. On the other hand, Moyuru also has an interest in anime work and searches for the path he should take. He reaches a decision just before the summer break. It is to bring his manga manuscript to Tokyo publishers. This is the start of a youth of excruciating anguish for him.

Yagira Yuya as Honoo Moyuru
An 18-year-old university student who attends the Osaka University of Arts’ Visual Concept Planning Department. He has friendly competition with Anno Hideaki, Yamaga Hiroyuki and Akai Takami at school. While he aspires to be a manga artist, he also has an interest in the anime world and searches for the path he should take. He has a romantic interest in his university senior Morinaga Tonko.

Yamamoto Mizuki as Morinaga Tonko
Honoo Moyuru’s senior. The manager of the badminton club. Although she is near-sighted, she lives without glasses and gets utterly close when engaged in conversation with someone. She often acts suggestive attitude with Moyuru.

Yasuda Ken as Anno Hideaki
Honoo Moyuru’s classmate. The difference between his competency and Moyuru’s is evident. He has an extraordinary drawing ability, and is especially good at scenes of mechanics and explosions. He later created the science fiction anime Neon Genesis Evangelion and became widely known for that.

Muro Tsuyoshi as Yamaga Hiroyuki
He has an interest in the world of anime because of Anno Hideaki’s influence. He is skilled at spotting people’s talents. Harnessing his abilities as a producer, he became the director of the science fiction anime, Wings of Honneamise, at the young age of 24.

Nakamura Tomoya as Akai Takami
Honoo Moyuru’s classmate. He hangs out with Anno Hideaki and Yamaga Hiroyuki because they all worked on assignments together in university. He is good at drawing female characters. He creates the game Princess Maker of nurturing a girl in the 2D world, and makes it a big hit.

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