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Kuriu Kohei is eating at a pub and telling the waiter that he has just moved in when they hear the sound of fighting inside. The other wait staff are shoved by a customer and fall down the stairs. Kuriu chases the customer who pushed past and manages to overpower him despite the stiff resistance encountered … … The day started as normal at the Josai branch office of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office. The only thing different than usual is the arrival of Kuriu Kohei. It is announced that Asagi Chika will be attached to Kuriu as his paralegal clerk. At that moment, the members of the Josai branch office are talking about the newly-appointed prosecutor, particularly the pairing of the paralegal clerk Asagi Chika with him. That morning, Chika had found a male stranger in the middle of doing sit-ups when she went to the prosecutor’s room which she is in charge of. She had shut the door in shock and returned to the common area where Kawajiri Kenzaburo, the head of the branch office, told her that the new prosecutor’s name is Kuriu Kohei. The paralegal clerks Endo Kenji and Suetsugu Takayuki who know Kuriu reacted with disbelief. Then Kuriu himself came out from the room. The prosecutors who do not know him were stunned to see him in jeans while Chika felt giddy. Kuriu ends up in charge of an assault case that happened at the pub and immediately starts to investigate. The first suspect is Onishi Yuji whom Kuriu had caught the other day. A shocking truth comes to light. The fingerprints of Onishi is identical to the ones left at the scene of a jewellery heist which took place 15 years ago. Furthermore, the statue of limitation will run out in three days. Because the heist was the biggest in history with the 50 carat worth about 1 billion yen at current prices, it becomes the focus of public attention. The other prosecutors of the Josai branch office are envious that Kuriu landed this “meaty” case all of a sudden. However, they have forgotten Kuriu’s real “terror”. Onishi denies stealing the jewellery. No matter how much the people around Kiriu try to rush him with reminders that there is no time, he does not change his usual style and first heads to the scene of the jewellery heist. Kiriu eventually starts to tell Onishi who continues to deny involvement that they cannot charge him. There are two days left before the statue of limitation runs out. Everyone at the Josai branch office including deputy public prosecutor Ushimaru Yutaka is at their wits end. Will the truth be revealed by then?

Kimura Takuya as Kuriu Kohei
A prosecutor. Two years after he was in charge of the Sangenjaya employee murder case at the Josai branch office in 2006, he was transferred to the Ishikawa Public Prosecutors Office, followed by the Osaka and Miyazaki public prosecutors offices. In April 2014, he was assigned to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office’s Josai branch office for the third time. He still goes out to investigate without concern for the interests of fellow prosecutors and paralegal clerks, seeks the truth for the sake of the victims of crime and works in his jeans. Although his amount of experience as a prosecutor has definitely gone up, a part of him remains naive and astounds his colleagues. However, he does not care one bit. His hobbies are still TV mail-order shopping, exercising, watching soccer and fishing.

Kitagawa Keiko as Asagi Chika
A paralegal clerk who is paired up with Kuriu Kohei. She has confidence in herself as a clerk. She is suspected of being a former delinquent, but had tried to pretend to be a ladylike girl of good upbringing until Kuriu came. However, her every word shows her past delinquency and she is secretly feared by the other prosecutors and paralegal clerks because she is harsh to suspects. She seeks stability in life and her dream is to have a blissful marriage and build a happy family. Wanting to marry by the age of 30, she has been diligent in searching for a marriage partner, but her ideals are high and will not even date. She became a civil servant because she was looking for stability, but feels a resistance to associating with criminals daily and will not be emotionally involved in her job. She also does not dwell on the work of the prosecution.

Sugimoto Tetta as Tamura Masashi
A prosecutor with 20 years of experience. He is more interested in his career advancement within organisation the than professional practice. He was at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office’s Special Investigative Department five years ago, but was transferred to the Josai branch office after that and brags about this past glory. He is thinking of making a comeback to the Special Investigative Division one day. He married Ushimaru Yutaka’s daughter and makes it a point to flatter him. He has a son who will soon be taking his junior high school exams. He wants the boy to get into a top school, but does not want to be involved and leaves it entirely to his wife. He is annoyed by his wife’s accusations about this. Because he thinks that a paralegal clerk is a prosecutor’s subordinate, he is always high-handed with Endo Kenji.

Hamada Gaku as Uno Daisuke
A prosecutor who graduated from Tokyo University’s faculty of law. He is exceptionally proud. He thinks the prosecution is the bastion of social justice and prosecutors are the elite of society. At ordinary times, he feels sluggish but when he finds contradictions and holes in the statements of suspects, he would get psyched up and go on the offensive. Although he is outstanding and an all-rounder, he also loses interest easily because of this. He has got tired of being assigned small cases at the Josai branch office these days. Because he is from a well-to-do family and has never known hardships, he does not understand nor intends to understand the backgrounds of suspects. He believes it is enough to judge according to the law. He remembers every single thing that his mother taught and has an Oedipus complex. He fell in love at first sight with Asagi Chika and hopes she will become his paralegal clerk and they can work together.

Yoshida Yo as Baba Reiko
A prosecutor who believes people will certainly lie and thinks it is the duty of prosecutors to mete out punishment to the wicked for the sake of social justice. She feels that Kuriu Kohei’s thinking is naive. She hates people who are weak, treats coldly suspects who cannot follow the rules like people who committed crimes and coldly runs them to the ground. She is merciless to male suspects who look down on her for being female. She will not be put in her place even if she is knocked down and takes out her stress on her paralegal clerk Ido Shuji who is the same age. She dislikes that Ido is happier than her. She is a lonely woman in life. She married at the age of 29, but her marriage broke up in three years. She only has a pet cat for emotional comfort, but it ran away from home recently.

Matsushige Yutaka as Kawajiri Kenzaburo
A prosecutor who heads the Josai branch office. Ushimura Yutaka’s successor. He appears to be a strait-laced man who rarely smiles. He firmly believes the prosecution is the pillar of social justice and is always strict about work. However, he is hung up about the principle that the public prosecutor’s office is an autonomous state body and endeavours to respect each decision by the prosecutors. Therefore, he will put up a resistance to superiors who interfere in the decisions and sometimes make changes to their own liking. He is disappointed in Ushimura Yutaka, who became the deputy public prosecutor. Conscious about the prestige and reputation of the prosecution, Ushimura now finds fault with prosecutors’ decisions, in spite of once having had the same thinking as him. He always wonders how a leader should be, but his way of thinking is old-fashioned, and he is often unable to follow that of Kuriu Kohei and Uno Daisuke. It is his conviction that causes him to get caught in the middle and stressed.

Kadono Takuzo as Ushimura Yutaka
The deputy public prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office and former head of the Josai branch office. He has stomach problems from the big change in the reputation of the prosecution in these 10 years. While he hopes for a change in the mood of the prosecution with Kuriu Kohei’s appointment to the Josai branch office, he is kept on tenterhooks on the possibility of Kuriu causing problems again.

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