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The height of glory of the TV industry is already a thing of the past. Now, programme production budgets are meagre and the television viewership ratings race has intensified. It has become a harsh world. Small and medium subcontractor production companies currently support the TV industry. Chocolate TV is one such company with 20 employees. It undertakes various productions such as varieties, documentaries and dramas, aiming to produce content loved by men and women of all ages just like chocolates. But at the moment, they often come bearing gifts of chocolates with them in apology. Chocolate TV’s well-known company president Aramaki Genjiro worked in the industry as a variety programme director. Although he is a heavyweight who knows it inside out, lately he keeps telling puns regardless of the time and place, making the people around him draw away. The programmes he takes on all have issues too. Each time, the employees under him would unite, devote themselves to producing a programme and ride out the hardships of the TV world. One day, trouble occurs for Chocolate TV’s popular documentary programme. The negligence of Mitsuhashi Keisuke, the director in charge, made the novelist starring in the broadcast tomorrow angry. He has posted a comment online, accusing the programme of being “staged” and demanding that it be pulled off air. Aramaki hurriedly visits Chuo TV, the network which placed the order for the documentary, to apologise. However, Mitsuhashi denies the accusation … …

Chiba Shinichi as Aramaki Genjiro
Chocolate TV’s company president. He used to be a former hotshot variety producer. His attempt to make a popular idol at the time sing at the South Pole caused financial haemorrhaging. These sagas are too many to count. Although he set up the company 20 years ago, he is in extremely good health and says absurd things which annoy his employees.

Koizumi Kotaro as Mitsuhashi Keisuke
Chocolate TV’s documentary director. A hot-blooded, fine young director who won the Jupiter Award. Although he has a genial nature, he is also overconfident and stubborn. Lately, he has tended to dismiss his aspirations when he entered this industry.

Katase Nana as Minamoto Kanako
Chocolate TV’s drama producer who is single and around 30. A pragmatic, sensible person. She wants to do romance dramas, but the reality is that she is only allowed to do 2-hour dramas. She has started to feel limits in her job.

Fukuda Saki as Shinoda Misaki
Chocolate TV’s variety AD. She has the ambition to rise in the TV industry and a strong will. Although she is actually very good at her job, but is also often misguided.

Totsugi Shigeyuki as Takahashi Jun
Chocolate TV’s variety programme director. Because he is successful, he is in great demand. Because of this, he is in the process of starting his own business, but has a tendency to be severe in his judgment of people.

Ichikawa Yui as Kamata Ritsu
Chocolate TV’s accountant. A single mother. Although she has no interest in the TV industry, this is the only place where she can work while raising her child. She is struggling with the loneliness of being the only parent to her 5-year-old son.

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