TV Asahi Drama Special 2014 ~ Mama ga Ikita Akashi


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 5 July 2014
Cast: Abe Sadao, Kanjiya Shihiro, Harizumi Sei, Ichige Yoshie, Mano Erina, Morimoto Leo, Tajima Reiko, Saito Yuki, Tomita Yasuko, Tsutsui Michitaka
Scriptwriter: Ozaki Masaya (Black President, Umechan Sensei, Shiroi Haru)
Original Work: Mama ga Ikita Akashi by Komatsu Takeyuki
Synopsis: Broadcast and sports show writer Omori Takehiro (Abe Sadao) has a hectic schedule every day. His wife Kyoko (Kanjiya Shihiro), an elementary school teacher, is expecting a baby after three years of marriage. They take leave and pay a visit to a hospital near Kyoko’s family home. At her family home, Takehiro is welcomed by her father Koukichi (Hiraizumi Sei), mother Yasue (Ichige Yoshie) and younger sister Satoko (Mano Erina). Koukichi who favours Takehiro as if he were his biological son, treats him to alcohol and food, and is himself in such good spirits that he gets intoxicated. The next day, Kyoko is at the hospital to undergo an examination but is told that she has breast cancer. Furthermore, it has already progressed to the fourth stage. Kyoko is forced to make a big decision whether to give birth or give up the baby. Both Takehiro and Kyoko have no words for the completely unanticipated facts thrust at them. Kyoko seeks medical advice at a Tokyo hospital. She learns that the foetus is healthy and Takehiro is greatly relieved. However, the progress of her cancer can only be slowed down if she receives chemotherapy. Because the treatment may have an adverse effect on the foetus, she is told by the doctor Yamashita Nobuhiko (Tsutsui Michitaka) that she has to choose whether to let the foetus live or to abort it. Although Kyoko’s immediate response is “I’ll give birth”, she obeys Yamashita’s words and decides to discuss this with Takehiro. The only way is to give up their child, but Kyoko simply cannot do so. Although Takehiro understands her feelings, he also tells her that her life is important. Kyoko is dead set about giving birth and is prepared to endure the harsh medical treatment so Takehiro ends up supporting her. A battle that will involve even their families begins. Takehiro films on camera in order to record this battle for their child and other people fighting the same illness.
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