TV Tokyo Drama Special 2014 ~ Tsuyoki Ari


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 2 July 2014
Cast: Yonekura Ryoko, Takashima Masanobu, Higa Manami, Fueki Yuko, Katase Rino, Yajima Kenichi, Kaname Jun, Takuma Shin, Hashizume Isao
Original Work: Tsuyoki Ari by Matsumoto Seichou
Synopsis: Sawada Isako (Yonekura Ryoko) used to run a Chinese-style vegetarian cuisine restaurant in east Ginza. Then she met Sawada Toshihiro (Hashizume Isao), a company executive 31 years her senior at the restaurant, and married him as his second wife. While in the car headed to a celebratory party for new director(s) at the company where her husband has worked for years, Isako frets about how he will treat the director(s). Although Toshihiro owns a 7,000 sq ft house in Shoto in the district of Shibuya, all money related to his life is controlled by the housekeeper Tsubaki Saki (Katase Rino). Isako will naturally not accept this. She schemes to become a “widow” three years later and have Toshihiro’s 1 billion yen in assets to herself. For that, she has quietly developed a plan to shorten his life. Isako plays Toshihiro’s wife, but also has relationships with men other than him. After escorting Toshihiro to the party, she heads to be with her younger lover, Ishii Kanji (Kaname Jun). However, when she enters the room, he is bleeding from the head and there is a woman lying on the bed … … The woman is Ishii’s ex-girlfriend, Noriko (Tsuchiya Haruhi). According to Ishii, they quarreled and during their scuffle, Noriko bashed him in the head. When Ishii was not looking, she attempted to kill herself with sleeping pills. Noriko is immediately made to throw up the medication. Confirming that Noriko will survive, Isako urges Ishii to call an ambulance quickly and goes back home. However, that night, she receives a phone call from Ishii that Noriko is dead … … Because of this incident, Isako fears that her relationship with Ishii will become known. She contacts Shiotsuki Yoshihiko (Takuma Shin), the vice president of a food company who used to be a regular customer of her restaurant together with her husband. In order to hush up the incident, she appeals to him to arrange for Ishii’s lawyer. Shiotsuki who has an uncle in the Diet, summons the ambitious, young lawyer Saeki Yoshio (Takashima Masanobu). He promises to introduce Saeki to his uncle if he helps Isako, and Saeki becomes Ishii’s lawyer. When an exhausted Isako returns home, a merry Toshihiro appears with a plain-looking stenographer Miyahara Motoko (Higa Manami). He has asked Motoko who was referred by Shiotsuki to take dictations in order to make his own autobiography. Taeko (Fueki Yuko), Toshihiro’s daughter from his first marriage and a budding artist, also visits. She distrusts Isako and declares, “You married fortune and not my father” … … One day, while Isako is meeting Shiotsuki in secret, she receives a report on Ishii’s case. Ishii has been arrested. Shiotsuki says Saeki is confident that Ishii, who has been accused of murder, will be absolved but … …
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Click here for photos from the press conference.

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