Fuji TV Drama Special 2014 ~ Doctor-Kenji Morohashi ~ Aratanaru Seimei

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 1 July 2014
Cast: Inagaki Goro, Fukiishi Kazue, Ishiguro Ken, Nonami Maho, Iriyama Noriko, Mikura Kana, Okouchi Hiroshi, Yamada Shintaro, Kimura Yoshino, Iwaki Koichi, Matsukata Hiroki
Original Work: Doctor-Kenji Morohashi by Noda Shigeru
Synopsis: Morohashi Masashi (Inagaki Goro) and Morishita Tsubaki (Fukiishi Kazue), members of a special team established under public prosecutor Nara Tokukazu (Matsukata Hiroki), are pretending to be newlyweds on a honeymoon to Oyashima. On a passenger ferry bound for the island, Morohashi complains to one of the crew that he is seasick and asks Sagawa Tamayo (Mikura Kana) who is on the same ferry to guide him to the clinic once they reach Oyashima. In the midst of this, Tamayo’s father Tatsuo (Okouchi Hiroshi) complains of pain in the abdominal region. Morohashi, who possesses a license to practice medicine, hastily decides to perform an operation in the ferry’s first aid room. Despite the poorly equipped facilities, Morohashi displays masterful technique with the scalpel and pulls off the surgery with Tsubaki’s help. When they head to Oyashima’s clinic together with Tatsuo, they meet the clinic doctor Iwata Noriko (Nonami Maho). Noriko works at Aisei Hospital, a famous Tokyo hospital for obstetrics and gynecology. In truth, Morohashi and Tsubaki are infiltrating Oyashima’s clinic in order to search for the truth about medical malpractice believed to have occurred at Aisei Hospital. A pregnant woman Isaka Yuriko suffered a heart attack and both she and her foetus died while undergoing a Caesarean section by the doctor Aso Yuki (Ishiguro Ken) at Aisei Hospital. Her husband suspected medical malpractice, but there is no problem with the clinical records. The truth is in the dark … … Morohashi tracked Noriko and the nurse Ito Megumi (Iriyama Noriko), who were involved in the Caesarean section, down to the clinic on Oyashim and has come to investigate. He and Tsubaki gradually start to get close to the truth of the medical malpractice and unearth a top secret project on a national scale. They eventually get glimpses of Aoki Shunsaku (Iwaki Koichi), the Cabinet’s Director-General for Medicine. How will Morohashi confront the huge, unseen enemy?
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