NTV Drama Special 2014 ~ Kiseki no Kyoushitsu ~ Sono Toki, Hotoke ga Maiorita


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 28 June 2014
Cast: Oda Yuji, Hayami Mokomichi, Takahata Mitsuki, Kurashina Kana, Suzuki Kosuke, Yokoyama Megumi, Maekawa Yasuyuki, Sasai Eisuke, Ando Miki, Shiratori Kumiko, Kawamura Emiko, Sawabe Yu, Ibu Masato, Watanabe Ikkei, Izumiya Shigeru, Takenaka Naoto
Original Work: Juken Jigoku by Nishimura Kyotaro
Synopsis: The motto of monk Yanagi Shuji (Oda Yuji) is to live with joy and he has fun all the time; a life uncharacteristic of a monk. Not knowing what to do with Shuji’s behaviour, his father (Ibu Masato) who is the head monk of a temple, leaves him with a temple for ascetic training. However, Shuji does not change one bit. One day, he sees a television special on preparatory school teachers. Onda Tetsuo (Takenaka Naoto), a charismatic preparatory school teacher, is featured in this programme. “A well-qualified preparatory school teacher can earn an annual income of more than 1 million yen. Teaching credentials are not required. There’s also no age limit.” Shuji takes an interest in Onda’s words. At that moment, the debt collector Gonda Ichiro (Izumiya Shigeru) shows up in front of Shuji. Shuji is told that his bar hostess acquaintance has vanished, leaving behind a debt of 10 million yen. As the co-signer of her loan, he is suddenly saddled with a 10 million yen debt. Threatened and backed into a corner by the fierce-looking Gonda, Shuji recalls Onda’s words and blurts out, “I’ll become a preparatory school teacher and earn the money. So wait half a year.” Abandoning ascetic training at the temple, he goes for a job interview at Tokyo Chuo Academy where Onda is at. He is accepted and takes the first step as a teacher of modern Japanese. The other new teachers employed along with Shuji are mathematics teacher Kamoshida Jiro, (Suzuki Kosuke)、English teacher Minamino Ranko (Kurashina Kana), and modern Japanese teacher Nishikawa Hisashi (Hayami Mokomichi). Each one of them has their own issues and wants to be a charismatic preparatory school teacher. Tokyo Chuo Academy’s teaching staff have great appeal. The teachers come to work in very fancy cars, dress in branded clothes and get loud cheers from students in class. They are so popular that they are asked for signatures and commemorative photos are sought and receive presents. Shuji soon takes his first class. Despite his nervousness, he thinks it went well. However, the students attending his lessons drop as the days go by. If this goes on, he will be a long way from repaying the 10 million yen. On the contrary, his contract can be cancelled in three months. In other words, he will be fired. Meanwhile, Gonda hangs around Shuji and piles on the pressure. Shuji’s situation gets increasingly perilous. How can he become popular with students and earn millions of yen? He is overwhelmed by the charismatic teachers who fascinate students with unique lessons. Shuji’s struggle has only just begun.
Official Website: www.ntv.co.jp/kiseki

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