Petero no Souretsu CM

Evil is contagious
Evil was born after 30 years.
And became an huge crime.
People suddenly become victims of malice without any reason
I’m serious.
A single bus hijack
gets connected to a huge crime which has engulfed the whole of Japan

Evil is a thing which starts to multiply endlessly between person to person.
What’s wrong with all of you? You’ve become hostages.
Why is it my daughter?
A criminal trap that anyone can fall into
All of you have a part in the bus hijack.
I want this.
Desires change people
I want lots.
Either 100 million, 200 million or 300 million.
I know people like you.
A small lie leads to a big crime
People have ups and downs, don’t they.
Victims become aggressors
Well, shall I end things?

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This blog contains information and musings on current and upcoming Japanese dramas but is not intended to be comprehensive.
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