TV Tokyo Drama Special 2014 ~ Eien no Jikou

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 25 June 2014
Cast: Nakamura Shunsuke, Tanaka Tetsushi, Mitsuishi Ken, Yajima Kenichi, Aijima Kazuyuki, Suzuki Kazuma, Doguchi Yoriko, Okamoto Rei, Sugata Shun, Iriki Mari, Kurita Yoko, Tashiro Sayaka, Ibu Masato
Original Work: Eien no Jikou by Yokoyama Hideo
Synopsis: The First Investigative Division’s Serious Crimes Section at the Yamanashi Prefectural Police headquarters deals with brutal cases such as murders. It is divided into three teams which are fiercely competitive. The strong sense of rivalry spurs them to try to solve more cases quickly and move on the next one. Tanaka Taketsugu (Nakamura Shunsuke) is a skillful interrogator and head of the first unit. There is a darkness in Tanaka who calls himself a person who knows how to hate someone. Roped into the special unit led by Yashiki (Aijima Kazuyuki), he questions Niwa Naoko (Iriki Mari) who was abducted by someone and sexually assaulted. She says she was held captive by two men and left deep in the mountains. But there is something vague about her statement. Tanaka guesses that Naoko has Stockholm syndrome. Ozeki (Ibu Masato), the head of criminal investigations, and others who hear his report figure that Naoko should be left to the care of a medical institution. However, Kusumi (Mitsuishi Ken) indicates that something has been overlooked. Then a report comes in about a passenger car with a skeleton that was found in a boggy lake. The lake is near the place where Naoko was confined and was an accidental discovery during the investigation. The owner is hostess Akasaka Yui (Tashiro Sayaka) whose family filed a missing person’s report in December 10 years ago. The first unit is put in charge of the case and finds cause to suspect foul play from the car’s route. Moreover, they learn that at that time, there was a newspaper reporter who urged checking of the vehicle tracking system. Tanaka and Mori Takahiro (Suzunosuke) go to meet Uozumi Takako (Doguchi Yoriko) the proprietress of the bar where Yui worked at. Yui had hinted to Takako that she would be quitting soon. In addition, Ato Hisashi (Suzuki Kazuma), a Tozai Shimbun reporter who was a regular customer, stopped coming after Yui’s disappearance and married another woman shortly after. The next day, the two men head to Ato’s place, but he refuses to come voluntarily for questioning. Although motive and circumstantial evidence point to Ato in Yui’s case, the material evidence is not strong. In order to haul Ato in, Tanaka and Kutsuki Yasumasa (Tanaka Tetsushi) slip into Tozai Shimbun. At that moment, Naoko has been taken to an interrogation room by Kusumi. When she is told about the dead body found from the boggy lake, she reacts with surprise … …
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