Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 10 Digest & Mozu Season 2 CM

Episode 10 Digest
Osugi: This conspiracy must be stopped,
even if I’ve to sacrifice my life as a detective!
It’s Osugi.
I’m heading to the airport now.
How do you intend to stop it?
Kuraki: I’ll keep tabs on Assistant Commissioner Muroi.
You look for the bomb.
Osugi: Evacuate everyone! There’s a bomb!
There’s a bomb here. Evacuate!
Narumiya: The detonator has come within range.
Kuraki: Muroi!
Miki: Assistant Inspector Osugi!
Kuraki: I won’t let you put all the blame on Chihiro!
Muroi: What did you do to Chihiro?
You only drove her to despair.
Hiromi: Thank you, Kazuhiko.
Miki: Your wife wasn’t aware that what she passed to Kakei was a bomb.
That day, she fled from the cafe without passing the photos she was supposed to hand over to Kakei.
I think it was because she was thinking about you,
and she didn’t want to betray you
that she acted on impulse.
Osugi: But this case will probably be swept under the rug too.
As always.
Kuraki: I won’t let that happen.

Mozu Season 2 Preview
Chief Cabinet Secretary: The nationality of the armed spy ship is unknown and we confirmed not long ago that left Japanese territorial waters.
Ikezawa: It’s been a while, Kuraki.
Kuraki: Ikezawa-buchou.
The curtain raises to a new battle
Osugi: This guy was killed with Shingai’s MO.
Shadow of the resurrected professional killer, Mozu
Shiori: Did you do it?
Kuraki: Who are you?
Miki: Dad?
The mystery of the missing father

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