Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 10 Preview (final)

Episode 10: The airport bomb target in final showdown .. The truth Kuraki arrives at (Airs 12 June)

The day of the Sardonia Republic president’s visit to Japan comes. Muroi who seeks to assassinate the president behind the scenes, has taken command of the security for the visit. Kuraki and the rest guess that he will set off a bomb at a place that will not be affected by changes to the security plan. However, Tsuki has been detained by Public Security as a result of Muroi’s ploy and cannot make a move.

Murase, the head of the First Investigative Division, is persuaded by Osugi. Osugi takes the whole First Investigative Division and rushes to the airport where the president is scheduled to arrive.

Miki still has not recovered from being shot by Muroi. However, she as well as Kuraki shake off the respective Public Security officers keeping a watch on them and make their way to the airport. Hiromi is also there amidst the large crowd of passengers … …

The passenger plane which the president is on board lands on the runway, and a big reception begins at the airport. Kuraki keeps tabs on the investigators and Muroi from a distance. If Muroi makes a move on his own, there is a high chance that the bomb will be activated. Kuraki leaves it to Osugi to locate the bomb, and tails Muroi. However, Muranishi of Public Security approaches him from behind under Muroi’s orders … …

Meanwhile, Osugi obtains Narumiya’s assistance to search for signals emitted by the bomb, and Narumiya finds a mysterious signal.

Further ahead, Miki is facing off with someone … …

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