TV Asahi Drama Special 2014 ~ Mi o Tsukushi Ryouricho


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 8 June 2014
Cast: Kitagawa Keiko, Kanjiya Shihori, Hiraoka Yuta, Takahashi Issei, Harada Mieko, Mitsuishi Ken, Taguchi Hiromasa, Takuma Takayuki, Honda Hirotaro, Kurokawa Tomoka, Muroi Shigeru, Kataoka Tsurutaro, Osugi Ren, Matsuoka Masahiro
Synopsis: In the spring of 1814, the soba shop ‘Tsuruya’ at Odaidokoromachi where Mio (Kitagawa Keiko) has been working as a cook, creates buzz with the third highest rank on a culinary list and business booms. One day, the owner Taneichi (Osugi Ren) takes in a teenage girl Fuki (Ishii Momoka) to be in charge of the footwear. Fuki lives on bravely despite the loss of her parents. Mio identifies with her circumstances and is troubled. This coincides with the appearance of Seiemon (Kataoka Tsurutaro), the author of popular entertainment stories, at Tsuruya. Also known as a food connoisseur, Seiemon’s outspoken opinions have caused many shops to fold up. He makes tough demands and complains about Mio’s cooking, but somehow frequents the soba shop. Recalling the words “clock room” of Komatsubara (Matsuoka Masahiro), the wandering samurai who is a regular customer at Tsuruya, Mio timidly tries to ask if Seiemon has been visiting for this reason. At that moment, a series of items exactly similar to the new food Mio created are offered ahead of Tsuruya by the famous restaurant ‘Toryuuro’. Toryuuro is the shop which treats Mio like an enemy and copies local specialties. It is even suspected of setting fire to Tsuruya in the past. Mio is accused of something she has not done, and is anguished. She also hears from Mataji (Takahashi Issei), the cook of ‘Okinaya’, that the legendary courtesan Tayu (Kanjiya Shihori) was slashed in the arm by a customer for sticking up for a younger prostitute. Mio has a strong desire to help Tayu, who is her childhood friend Noe. However, females are not permitted to enter Yoshiwara, and Mio is overwhelmed by her own powerlessness. Then, Taichi (Igarashi Hinata), the young son of Oryo (Muroi Shigeru), who is a resident at the same tenement house collapses from measles. At that time, measles was feared as a deadly illness which many people had lost their lives to, but … …
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