Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 9 Digest & Episode 10 CM

Episode 9 Digest
Tsuki: It’s inconvenient now that the string of incidents have become public.
I’d like the two of you to assist with placing the Assistant Commissioner under house arrest too.
You haven’t given up yet?
Even if this can resolve a deadlock.
Muroi: I’ll probably become your dog.
Why are you so worried?
Tsuki: Someone should be behind the Assistant Commissioner’s actions this time.
I believe it’s Cabinet Secretary Morihara.
Muroi: I worked alongside your father on several occasions.
Miki: Do you know why he went missing?
Muroi: Did you join Public Security wanting to know that?
Miki: Please answer me.
Muroi: If a time should come and you help me, I’ll tell you.
Police Officer: Sound the alarm immediately!
Muroi: An intruder?
Hiromi: Kazuhiko died because of you.
Muroi: Listen, we need people to do the dirty work to maintain the order of the country.
Both you and your brother are sacrificial pawns.
Miki: Where are you intending to go, Assistant Commissioner Muroi?
Kuraki: Was it you who let Shingai go?
Higashi: I obtained two bombs.
Muroi has the other bomb.
Tsuki: They intend to set off a bomb to assassinate the president.
Osugi: Terrorist bombing?!
Tsuki: If there is a terrorist act, Morihara will win over public opinion to his side and strike at the weakened police organisation all in one go.
Then, legislative changes will be made.
The National Police Agency and the police headquarters for the prefectures will be integrated into a new security organisation
centred around Public Security police.
Muroi: Assistant Commissioner Tsuki, you’re suspected of inciting an insurgency.
We’re taking you into custody as a terrorist
attempting to destroy the order of the country.

Episode 10 Preview
Osugi: It doesn’t matter if my life as a detective comes undone.
Will they be able to stop
the terrorist bombing aimed at assassinating a president?

Osugi: This conspiracy must be stopped!
Kuraki: I suppose you’re going to make me the criminal with that evidence.
The trap that Muroi set
Miki: Don’t move!
Narumiya: Eh?
The bomb is moving.
Where is the bomb?
Police Officer: Kuraki!!! What are you thinking?
Osugi: Is the bomb here?
The “real truth” that is revealed is …
Kuraki: Muroi!

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