Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 9 Preview

Episode 9: Kuraki vs Higashi … Mozu’s counterattack … Order is lost (Airs 5 June)

Kuraki, who does not understand the reason why Chihiro had activated the bomb, visits the site of the bomb explosion and senses the presence of someone in the shadows. The person moves as if luring Kuraki. He gives chase and it is Higashi who awaits him when he reaches.

Higashi tells Kuraki “advice” and talks about the utopian village “Omerasu” which appears in a novel. “Somewhere in this neighbourhood, there is a firmly shut cellar which light does not penetrate … …”

Meanwhile, Hiromi who has been isolated in solitary confinement by the police, reaches the limits of his impulses. He is at breaking point. Like a beast, he acts menacingly and howls wildly. Then, someone shows up.

Days later, Tsuki and others decide to place Muroi, the mastermind of the bombing, under house arrest until his assassination target, the Sardonia Republic President, arrives in Japan.

Osugi suspects Tsuki of “wheeling and dealing with someone behind the scenes” when he does not immediately get rid of Muroi. However, Tsuki scoffs at that and enlists the help of Kuraki and Miki.

Kuraki and Miki drive with Muroi in the car. They arrive at the place of Muroi’s house arrest; a villa with a tranquil waterfront. Kuraki gazes out at the peaceful scenery with Miki seated beside him. He has lost his wife and daughter while she continues to wait for her father who will not come back. Miki talks to Kuraki as someone who has gone through the same pain.

Meanwhile, Tsuki assembles the police top brass and has dinner with them. He tells the officials, who are discussing Muroi’s punishment, about the big conspiracy behind the bombing.

That night, Muroi end up alone with Kuraki in the room, and starts to talk about his relationship with Chihiro. Kuraki cannot suppress his emotions as he learns about their exchanges which he had not known. Then, an alarm is set off … …

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2 Responses to Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 9 Preview

  1. Rootabega says:

    Jadefrost, you are such a trooper translating and providing the plot synopses for Mozu. The storyline is positively byzantine.

    • jadefrost says:

      I’m barely hanging in there! Mozu has been a letdown for me in terms of storyline and character development. I’ve lost interest in it. So I’m just doing previews and digests to finish what I began.

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