Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 8 Digest & Episode 9 CM

Episode 8 Digest
Kuraki: It was after Chihiro participated in that mission that we immediately started to break apart.
Speaker: The mission this time is top secret.
Muroi: The Glarke Alpha mission was an undercover operation.
The mission failed.
Five agents were put to death.
But she was the only one who came back alive.
Tsuki: What was Kakei’s objective?
Wakamatsu: He was asked to join the struggle by the terrorists of the Sardonia Republic.
And was trying to assassinate the president.
Tsuki: Although you had a deal with Kakei, behind the scenes, you used Shingai in an attempt to kill him.
Wakamatsu: Yes.
Tsuki: And then you also tried to get rid of Shingai Kazuhiko in order to destroy evidence.
Kuraki: An important part has been left out.
Why was Superintendent Wakamatsu able to use my wife?
The mastermind is that person.
Miki: Inspector Kuraki!
Please stay away from Assistant Commissioner Muroi
Muroi: You’re the only person who would take notice of this plan and get in the way.
I got her involved so you wouldn’t be able to keep your wits.
Kuraki: How did you make use of her?
Muroi: She’s my former subordinate.
Kuraki: It’s not because she was your former subordinate but because she was your lover, wasn’t it?
Tsuki: You wanted Kakei to set off a terrorist attack.
Muroi: That’s right.
Tsuki: Why did you want it to occur in Japan?
You don’t have to reply because I already know.
Osugi: This fellow’s a brutal criminal.
You don’t know what he’ll do next.
Make the truth known to the public.
Tsuki: I won’t let that happen.
The authority of this country’s police organisation will hit rock bottom.
Osugi: So its going to be hushed it up?!
Tsuki: The public isn’t asking for the truth.
Hiromi: Have you captured the mysterious woman?
Kuraki: That woman’s my wife.

Episode 9 Preview
Miki: What else are you scheming?
The intrigue is not over yet?
Kuraki: I won’t let it go your way.
Osugi: Hey! Are you okay?
Kuraki: You’re planning to flee somewhere, weren’t you?
In that case, get lost from here immediately.
Higashi’s ulterior motive for driving Kuraki into a corner
Higashi: It’s my role to disrupt order.

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