Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 8 Preview

Episode 8: Wife’s truths and lies, and the unveiled mastermind (Airs 29 May 2014)

While tailing Wakamatsu, Tsuki, Osugi and Miki come to an empty stadium. They watch what Wakamatsu is doing from their hiding place. He seems to be with someone. But it is too dark to see who that person is. Then someone else whom they all know shows up before Wakamatsu and the mystery person is none other than Higashi.

Meanwhile, Kuraki tells Muroi that Chihiro is the mysterious woman who put the bomb in Kakei’s bag. On the day of the bomb explosion, Chihiro had a photograph of the security plan for the Sardonian president. There is clearly a reflected glare of the desk mat in Kuraki’s house. Kuraki says he tracked down his own wife. However, Muroi denies this. Then he starts to talk about what had happened to Chihiro in the top secret Glarke Alpha mission that he was in charge of.

At a later date, Higashi moves out his baggage and is about to leave Athena Security when Hiromi shows up burning with vengeance for his brother. Brandishing his ice pick, he launches into an attack on Higashi … …

Kuraki informs Osugi and the others about the true identity of the mysterious woman. He speculates that Kakei was probably planning to assassinate the president from the president’s security plans which were the materials of the transaction.

Tsuki lets a shocked Osugi and Miki see some footage. It is a video recording of Tsuki’s interrogation of Wakamatsu when they were not around. Tsuki tells them that according to Wakamatsu’s testimony, the truth of the bombing has been revealed.

However, Kuraki believes another person is the mastermind and goes alone to that person’s place. It is Muroi … …

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