Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 7 Digest & Episode 8 CM

Episode 7 Digest
Osugi: Everything seems to be a sham.
The landscape we see has changed.
Kuraki: What about Shingai?
Osugi: He’s gone into hiding. We don’t know his whereabouts.
Higashi: Disappeared?
Miki: Do you believe in the Daruma, Inspector?
I received this last night.
Kuraki: You know about the Glarke Alpha mission, don’t you Assistant Commissioner Muroi?
You were the one in charge.
Mission Commander: Chief Superintendent Muroi Gen
Muroi: I can’t talk about the details of the mission.
But half of the people involved became mentally ill.
Tsuki: How about we expose Public Security’s shadiness with your help?
Osugi: A conspiracy related to Public Security lies behind the bombing!
Instead of resigning, I’m going to work with Assistant Commissioner Tsuki to blow the whistle.
Kuraki: Nice to meet you, Shingai Hiromi-kun.
Osugi: It’ll be a big problem if it gets out that the director of such a big company with ties to Public Security contracts a professional killer.
Tsuki: Higashi’s former Public Security. That’s why he’s formidable.
Hiromi: I’m getting rid your enemy too. Let me go quickly.
Kuraki: I’ll shoot if you make a move. Want to try?
Hiromi: These are the photos that the woman had.
Security plans
Kuraki: This is … …
Hiromi: And this is the real identity of the mysterious woman who planted the bomb.

Episode 8 Preview
Muroi: The Glarke Alpha mission was an undercover investigation.
Public Security’s secret operation, Glarke Alpha
Kuraki: What exactly happened to Chihiro?
What happened to Chihiro?
Tsuki: The public doesn’t wish for the truth.
Osugi: So you’re going to keep quiet about it?
Hiromi: Revenge for Kazuhiko.
Higashi: I’ll disappear for the time being, senior.
Who is the person pulling the strings from behind the scenes?
Kuraki: The mastermind is that person.

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