Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 7 Preview

Episode 7: Kuraki vs Mozu; the shocking truth of the mysterious woman’s real identity (Airs 22 May 2014)

Hiromi has completely regained his memory and come to his senses. The many dead bodies killed in cold blood that Kuraki, Osugi, Tsuki and Miki come upon tells the story.

Regretting that Ami was killed, Hiromi visits the elementary school which he used to attend after fleeing from the scene and tidying up in order to return the school yearbook that she had borrowed.

The caretaker Terakado, who takes the yearbook, thinks Hiromi is Kazuhiko and this makes him reminisce about Kazuhiko. Told that Kazuhiko would come to his younger sister’s defence each time, memories of Kazuhiko go through Hiromi’s mind. His kind older brother is no longer around … … Holding back his feelings, he vows to kill and spare no one.

Kuraki and the rest have not been able to trace Hiromi. In the midst of this, Miki confesses to Kuraki that she has seen the Daruma in her dreams, and hands over an envelope addressed to herself from an anonymous sender.

The envelope contains a document about Public Security’s top secret mission, the Glarke Alpha operation. Kuraki finds the name of his superior, Muroi, from among the text that has been blotted out in several places, and thrusts the document at Muroi.

However, Muroi has little to say and takes Kuraki to some place. The location he heads to every Friday is a hospital ward where his daughter has lain in a coma for years.

On the other hand, Osugi and Tsuki are having drinks. Asked by Tsuki if he is ready to fight great evil, Osugi gives a certain answer. In response, Tsuki proposes to expose Public Security’s darkness with his might.

At the time that Tsuki, Osugi and Miki make their move, Hiromi waits at a restaurant for an opening to kill Higashi. He stares at Higashi from a separate seat and takes out an ice pick. Then a man appears. “Nice to meet you, Shingai Hiromi-kun,” he says as he sits down in front Hiromi. It is Kuraki … …

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