NHK BS Premium Drama Special 2014 ~ Sanuki Udon Yuushika


Date: From 10.00 p.m., 21 May 2014
Cast: Kiritani Kenta, Suruga Taro, Sato Eriko, Ishikura Saburo, Endo Shozo, Matsumoto Akiko, Fujisawa Ema
Synopsis: Onishi Teppei (Kiritani Kenta) works for the big Asuka Bank, and dreams of becoming a globe-trotting banker who moves huge sums of money. He is ordered to transfer to the Takamatsu branch in Kagawa Prefecture, which is his hometown and assigned to the Sanuki Udon Loan Section under Mihara Goro (Ishikura Saburo). One day, Shigematsu Naoko (Sato Eriko), the wife of udon shop owner Haruhiko (Suruga Taro), comes to discuss a loan for the relocation of their shop. However, Haruhiko is dead set against its move since the shop has been in Sanuki City since his father’s generation. Without even realising it, Onishi ends up getting entangled in the couple’s quarrel. Is this the job of a bank employee? His current set of values start to crumble because of the veteran Mihara, and also his childhood friend Ando Yukari (Fujisawa Ema). How should he live as a banker?
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