TBS Drama Special 2014 ~ Tonari no Onna


Date: From 9.00 p.m., 19 May 2014
Cast: Ichiro Maki, Takashima Reiko, Kobayashi Nenji, Funakoshi Eiichiro
Synopsis: Housewife Tamukai Yuki (Ichiro Maki) lives with her husband Kenzo (Funakoshi Eiichiro), the head of a general hospital’s department of internal medicine, in an affluent Tokyo neighbourhood. Although the Tamukais have not been blessed with a child, and have been seeking fertility treatment at a hospital, Yuki also works as an illustrator for newspapers and magazines and lacks for nothing. One day, Tachihara Sachi (Takashima Reiko) moves in next door to the Tamukais. “She may be someone’s mistress.” Yuki feels a touch of anxiety about Kenzo’s words which indicate his interest in Sachi who seems to live alone in a house meant for a family. However, she starts to associate with the charming Sachi because of some catalyst. Like two ordinary housewives, they spend a lot of time together and are gradually able to talk about everything. Sachi confides her own personal secrets and gets even closer to Yuki. Then, she suddenly broaches the possibility that Yuki’s husband maybe having an affair. Yuki wants to believe in Kenzo, but his necktie preference has changed, he has been eating out as well as scheduling business trips on important days. His unusual behaviour grows. As if toying with Yuki’s heart, Sachi erases the couple’s precious memories with his “lies” and “truths” which start to emerge one by one. Yuki is stricken with insecurity, and the only person who can give moral support is Sachi. However, the story develops significantly with the appearance of the detective Gotoda Yutaro (Kobayashi Nenji) who has been involved in some case for many years and visits the Tamukais to investigate … …
Official Website: www.tbs.co.jp/tonarinoonna

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