Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 6 Digest & Episode 7 CM

Episode 6 Digest
Tsuki: The one who came back with amnesia isn’t Shingai Kazuhiko.
Kuraki: It’s Shingai Hiromi.
Shingai Hiromi is Shingai Kazuhiko’s younger identical twin brother.
Osugi: Younger brother?
Kazuhiko: You’re the shrike, Hiromi.
Hiromi: This was the name Kazuhiko gave me.
Teacher: Your family is complicated.
Your father gave you, a boy, the name of Hiromi and this appearance.
Kazuhiko: Say that dad was dead when we came home. Got it?
Hiromi: After that, I couldn’t stop my urges.
Kazuhiko joined hands with an underground organisation, and used and controlled me as a professional killer so I wouldn’t be arrested for being an indiscriminate murderer.
Kuraki: You were tailing Shingai Hiromi on the day of the incident, weren’t you?
Miki: Yes. Hiromi was following Kakei.
Hiromi: Women were being heckled by a homeless man.
Seeing that, Kakei suddenly took off at a run.
Then, I found the IC chip from Kakei’s jacket and left the place.
Kuraki: That little girl’s drawing was of Shingai Hiromi.
Hiromi: I wanted to immediately meet Kazuhiko to inform him about Kakei’s death and the hiding place of the recovered chip.
But when I arrived at the apartment building, he was leaving with Akai and the others.
I thought Kazuhiko had fallen to the bottom of the abyss but he was saved.
Kazuhiko: I’ve to apologise to you, Hiromi.
Hiromi: Never mind that. Hurry!
Kazuhiko: Forgive me, shrike.
Higashi: He’s recovered his memory?

Episode 7 Preview
Kuraki: You know about the Glarke Alpha operation, don’t you?
The top secret Public Security document delivered to Miki
Muroi: Half the number of people involved became mentally ill.
Tsuki: Why don’t we expose the darkness of Public Security’s officers with your help?
Public Security’s darkness lurking beneath the incident
Osugi: I’m blowing the whistle instead of resigning.
Higashi: That’s without a doubt Shingai Hiromi.
Kuraki and Shingai finally square off
Kuraki: Nice to meet you, Shingai Hiromi-kun.

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  1. yuki says:

    The best episode so far imho O_O

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