Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 5 Digest & Episode 6 CM

Episode 5 Digest
Osugi: Hey, what was this girl looking at?
It’s not captured on any of the other security cameras.
Minami: Please look at this.
Osugi: What’s this?
Is it a person’s arm?
Kuraki: That girl saw this at the scene.
Osugi: Is that a woman?
Miyuki: No, it’s a monster.
People were taken apart.
Osugi: Taken apart?
Higashi: Who is she?
Shingai: Are you going to kill an innocent person?
Higashi: You’re the one who got her involved.
Nakagami: Kuraki.
Announcer: At 4 pm today, police pursuing a group of fleeing thieves created a big disturbance, but successfully arrested them.
Osugi: An organised crime group’s kidnapping incident has become a mere theft.
Kuraki: After the operation ended in failure five years ago, my wife lost her sanity day by day.
Chihiro: Why are you looking at me like that?
Didn’t you say you’d stand by me no matter what happens?
I killed my daughter, Riri.
Osugi: Do you really believe that your wife killed your daughter?
Kuraki: She wasn’t my biological daughter.
Nurse: This an outpatient emergency.
Officer: We weren’t informed about this.
Nakagami: I didn’t do it.
I’ll kill her in of you.
Shingai: Lay off!
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!!!

Episode 6 Preview
Shingai: It was perfect until that bomb explosion.
“Shingai” regains his memory
Higashi: Meaning he’s regained his memory?
Osugi: So who are we pursuing?
The pasts of “Hiromi” and “Kazuhiko”
Shingai: You are the shrike, Hiromi.
Kuraki: The girl’s drawing is must be of Shingai Hiromi.
The girl saw … …

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