Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 5 Synopsis (Partial)

Episode 5: Fierce broad daylight fight with approaching evil

Shingai, who has been abducted by Nakagami’s men, is severely tortured to make him confess the whereabouts of the IC chip. Nakagami warns that Kuraki from Public Security is searching for him because his wife was killed by the bomb he planted. Calling Kuraki a dangerous fellow who is capable of anything much like themselves, Nakagami promises to protect Shingai and urges him to recall the chip’s location. Even if Shingai intends to, his memory has not returned and he pleads for time. However, Nakagami believes he is the consummate professional who will not open up so easily and mercilessly electrocutes his bruised body. One of his men intervenes when Shingai’s teeth start chattering hard, out of worry that Nakagami will kill him.

Meanwhile, Kuraki and Osugi, who have joined hands with Tsuki and Miki, visit a high school student called Minami Takayuki. A member of the film society, Minami had happened to be present at the scene of the bombing and recorded the situation on the ground with his own camera right after the bomb exploded in front of Ginza Izutsuya. He wonders why Kuraki and Osugi have come since he had submitted this to the police. It is the first time Osugi is seeing footage immediately after the explosion from another source besides the security cameras. A young girl is shown crying as she stands amidst the rubble and there is “something” where she is staring at. Right after this, a woman steps into view although only the lower half of her body can be seen.

Guessing that this footage was suppressed by Public Security, Kuraki and Osugi believe that the thing which the young girl saw will become conclusive evidence and visit the treatment facility where she is. Paper with bizarre crayon drawings are scattered around and the young girl Miyuki goes on drawing. All she has said is, “I saw a monster.” It is impossible to make out what has been drawn in any of the drawings which Miyuki finally announces she has completed. However, Kuraki gets an idea. He quickly arranges the drawings on the floor and one big picture emerges. An ominous scene has been drawn of the aftermath of the bombing … … A hunched figure with ghoulish red eyes is depicted tossing aside limbs. Miyuki calls it a monster that took people apart.

On the other hand, Higashi has seen the security camera footage at the time Shingai was abducted and takes notice of Ami whom Shingai was about to meet yesterday evening. Higashi confronts Shingai with a printout of the footage. Although Shingai repeatedly insists that he does not know her, Higashi determines from his distress that Ami will be useful to them and deliberately provokes him into thinking that they will kill her. He then orders Nakagami to treat Ami with courtesy and bring her before Shingai.

At that moment, Tsuki and the rest have also worked their way to Ami from the security camera footage. Although all footage was erased, this particular clip happened to be recorded. There is a high chance that Ami will be in physical danger for getting in touch with Shingai so Kuraki, Osugi and Miki immediately head over to the train station where she was last seen purchasing a shinkansen ticket in order to protect her. But Higashi’s minions are already within striking distance of Ami after Nakagami succeeded in making contact to convey Shingai’s “wish” to meet her. The trio stop Ami from being taken away at the last minute and defeat the pursuing men as they flee. However, Nakagami stands in their way.

Nakagami seizes Ami from Miki and is about to leave with her when Kuraki confronts him. In the midst of the tussle between the two men, Ami gets bashed on the head with a grate by Nakagami and slumps unconscious. The sight of blood streaking down Ami’s face gives Kuraki a renewed sense of urgency. Biting back the pain from the knife blade cutting into him, he throws Nakagami over his shoulder, causing Nakagami to land in the middle of a busy shopping street to the bewilderment of passersby.

With Tsuki swinging into action to do damage control, the incident is reported by media outlets as the pursuit of a group of fleeing thieves. At the same time, Ami has been rushed to the hospital by Kuraki, Osugi and Miki. There are no abnormalities in the CT scan, but an impatient Kuraki can only question her the next morning because she has been sedated.

Osugi notes how Kuraki is adamant about learning the truth of the bombing. Kuraki says that he regrets running away from the truth once before. He believes that if the truth of the bombing is revealed, he will surely find all the answers. Five years ago, Chihiro became mentally unstable after the failure of the Glarke Alpha mission, but he was not able to do anything for her. And then Shizuku died. He reveals to a stunned Osugi that Shizuku was not his biological daughter. This discovery was made when she was hospitalised for a serious injury and a void grew between him and Chihiro. His remark about Chihiro’s obsessive love for him makes Osugi wonder if he is implying that she killed Shizuku for his sake.

That night, Kuraki meets Chihiro’s surviving friend Riri who has been discharged from the hospital. Riri confesses that Chihiro had consulted her but she did not tell him because she felt conflicted by her duty as a counselor to keep this secret. Chihiro was in turmoil the first time she came to Riri’s clinic because she could not accept their daughter’s death. She also told her that she did not know how to deal with Kuraki. Several months after starting treatment, a worried Riri visited Chihiro at home when she suddenly became uncontactable. Recounting that day, Riri says the person she saw was not the Chihiro she knew and she had to get her hospitalised. However, Chihiro stubbornly refused. She wanted to be around Kuraki and claimed that she would die if she left the house. Determining that taking Chihiro out of the house would produce the opposite effect, Riri decided to go back for the time being. As she was about to leave, Chihiro told her, “I killed my daughter … …” Riri thinks she was blaming herself for Shizuku’s death. Kuraki points out that that is conjecture on her part. Then he asks if Chihiro talked about her dreams. Riri says she did. Chihiro told her the same man would appear in her dreams each time.

At that moment, Osugi and Miki are on their way to the hospital. However, Nakagami and his men beat them to it. Posing as hospital staff bringing in an emergency outpatient case, they take the security police standing guard outside Ami’s ward by surprise and easily overwhelm them.

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