Ore no Dandyism


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Wednesdays, 11.58 p.m. – 12.45 p.m. from 16 April 2014

TV Tokyo

41-year-old Danta Ichiro who has been promoted to section manager, starts to care what his subordinates think about him. He hears Miyamoto Minami, the new hire he secretly likes, her remark “dandies are my type” and sets his mind on becoming a dandy. He starts to read every male fashion magazine he can lay his hands on and watch the TV programme, Dandyism Course. First, he decides to replace the wristwatch he has used for years. While he is struggling hard with this rather questionable course in dandyism, he discovers ‘Madam M’, an intriguing shop which deals in a whole range of articles for gentlemen. The mysterious female shop owner Miyuki kindly teaches him about the history of wristwatches, her extensive knowledge and the latest popular merchandise. Danta instinctively fantasises himself on a date with Minami, and then proceeds to buy a watch of the finest quality. However, he does not know that Minami has a secret … …

Takito Kenichi as Danta Ichiro
A serious salaryman who has only cared for his job and family all along. A newly promoted section head, he decides to become a dandy because of his attraction to the new employee, Miyamoto Minami, who professes that a dandy is her type of man.

Ishibashi Anna as Miyamoto Minami
Danta Ichiro’s subordinate. She has an appeal which captures the hearts of middle-aged men, and even Danta Ichiro is secretly smitten with her.

Maekawa Yasuyuki as Date Jiro
Danta Ichiro’s superior and head of the department. Because he is very stylish, he is tremendously popular with female employees. He is well-informed about fashion.

Moriguchi Yoko as Miyuki
The beautiful owner of Madam M which deals in a whole range of articles for gentlemen. She toys with Danta Ichiro with her mysterious, bewitching behaviour. She imparts her wealth ofknowledge on fashion as she promotes her shop’s merchandise.

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