Kuu Neru Futari Sumu Futari


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Tuesdays, 11.15 – 11.45 p.m. from 6 May 2014

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Machida Ritsuko and Nonoyama Shuichi are a couple in their 30s. They have been in a relationship for 10 years and been cohabiting for 8 years. Because they have been living together for so long, they are practically a married couple to the people around them. However, Ritsuko regards marriage as a piece of paper. And yet, somewhere in her heart she is also waiting for Non-chan to propose. The couple understand each other more than a parent and child would. However, there are some differences in their preferences. For example, Ritsuko would eat fish-shaped pancakes from the head while Non-chan would do so from the tail. The two of them gradually start to feel that they cannot agree. During a girls talk at home one Sunday, Ritsuko is asked by her good friend Niinuma Mina if she is still not marrying. Ritsuko responds that she has not received a proposal. At that moment, Non-chan returns from fishing with Oguma Hironori, a senior from work, and seems to be in a bad mood.

Konishi Manami as Machida Ritsuko
A designer who works for an accessory maker’s product planning department. She rebelled against her strict father and left home. She lives together with Nonoyama Shuichi, her boyfriend since high school days. Although she is good at cooking, she does not have a particular interest in marriage, and somehow continues life as more than boyfriend and girlfriend, but not quite husband and wife.

Kaneko Nobuaki as Nonoyama Shuichi (Non-chan)
Machida Ritsuko’s boyfriend of 10 years. He works at a printing firm. Because his hobby is fishing, he is also fanatic about lure collections. However, he has recently started saving money with an eye on marriage although he does not dare to say it. His conservative father who moved to a village in the mountains has unflagging energy, but he himself is not the traditional male stereotype and is extremely naive.

Maeda Ai as Niinuma Mina (Nina)
Machida Ritsuko’s good friend since high school days. She know about the beginning of the romance between Ritsuko and Non-chan.

Kimoto Takehiro as Oguma Hironori
Non-chan’s senior at his workplace. He starves for his wife’s love.

Aizawa Rina as Morizono Marie
Machida Ritsuko’s junior at the workplace. She is sensitive to a man’s feelings. Although she is stuck in a rut with her boyfriend, she is jealous of Ritsuko’s relationship with Non-chan.

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