TV Asahi Drama Special 2014 ~ SP ~ Keishichou Keigoka IV

Date: From 9.00 p.m., 4 May 2014
Cast: Watase Tsunehiko, Matsushita Yuki, Ryu Raita, Matsumura Yuki, Watanabe Dai, Mikura Mana, Sugimoto Tetta, Hiraizumi Sei, Takahata Atsuko
Synopsis: Minister of Justice Ishinabe Kirko (Takahata Atsuko) is shot by someone but escapes due to the quick thinking of Takeuchi Koji (Watase Tsunehiko) who is in charge of her security. However, Takeuchi’s subordinate Ohashi Takuya (Watanabe Dai) is injured in the gunfire. At the hospital, his life is saved by the talented heart surgeon Tsuji Hiroko (Matsushita Yuki). Then Hiroko is arrested on suspicion of misappropriating money. The charge was made by Kanbara Kenichiro (Ryu Raita), an influential Diet member of the ruling party and the chairman of the hospital where Hiroko works, and others … … Ten months later, Takeuchi is summoned by Kiriko. She presses him to guard Hiroko who will be released on parole soon. Kiriko seems to be trying to put Hiroko in charge of the surgery of the chairman of her own support group. Although Takeuchi is fed up with Kiriko’s typical way of doing things, there is a possibility of Hiroko being attacked by the surviving families of former patients. More importantly, she is Ohashi’s benefactor. So Takeuchi takes on the role of guarding her. After her release from prison, Hiroko accepts Kiriko’s request by holding a press conference to bring attention to the false charge against her. The press conference does not create a big buzz probably because of pressure from Kanbara, but Hiroko prepares for the surgery as Takeuchi and Ohashi protect her. At that moment, a former colleague Yanagida Shinsuke (Matsumura Yuki), who is a physician at Kanbara Hospital, appears before Hiroko. Yanagida has sympathy for her arrest. In fact, the two of them had once been in a relationship. Yanagida is marrying Kanbara’s daughter soon and will become the next director of the hospital. Hiroko’s surgery is a success and she comes under the spotlight again for her comeback. A man called Naohito (Suga Takamasa) approaches Hiroko to discuss something suspicious about the cause of death of his grandmother who died at Kanbara Hospital. Yanagida was the doctor in charge at that time. Hiroko promises Naohito that she will try and ask Yanagida directly. She also consults Takeuchi about an odd “incident” which led to the hospitalisation of Naohito’s grandmother. Hiroko and Takeuchi run about Tokyo, Kyoto and Awaji Island in order to solve the intertwined mysteries and an unexpected truth comes to light.
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