Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 4 Digest & Episode 5 CM

Episode 4 Digest
Reporter: You’re Assistant Inspector Osgui Ryota of the First Investigative Division, aren’t you?
It appears that your daughter shoplifted.
Osugi: You!
Do you know what you have done?
Megumi: If I commit suicide like what Yuka-chan’s mother did, will you forgive me? In that case, I’ll die!
I hate police officers.
I hate dad!
Kuraki: Why do you hate Public Security to this extent?
Osugi: There was a case where the wife of a bank employee starved her young daughter to death.
3-year-old neglected by cruel mother
Osugi: The dead girl’s sister was a close friend of my daughter who was in the first year of junior high at that time.
My daughter told me that the mother was not the sort of person who would kill her own child.
But I didn’t pay attention?
Kuraki: Why?
Osugi: Because I saw documents from Public Security.
Megumi: Why did you become a police officer?
Miki: My father was a police officer too.
Osugi: Who’s this fellow?
Kuraki: Tsuki Shunsuke. The National Police Agency’s Special Inspector General.
His job is to investigate the inside of the police.
Wakamatsu: I’m the commander of this investigation!
You’re out of the investigation task force.
Osugi: What are you guys secretly probing behind the scenes of this case?
Tsuki: You’re right on the mark.
I’m Tsuki Shunsuke.
To put it baldly, she is my spy, my tool.
What I’m suggesting is an alliance.
Kuraki: Higashi and his men have a backer.
It’s probably an organisation with power and influence.
You should know this.
Tsuki: The police is their backer. To be precise, it’s the security police.
Nakagami: Next is Shingai.
Please let me take care of it.
Higashi: Capture him alive.
Well done, Nakagami.

Episode 5 Preview
Kuraki: That child saw this at the scene.
The thing which the little girl saw at the scene of the explosion …
Osugi: What’s this?
Miki: It looks like Shingai had arranged to meet this female.
A new victim targeted
Higashi: Who’s this?
Nakagami: Let’s kill her.
I’ll go to meet her.
Kuraki: I once fled from the truth.
So I won’t run away again.

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