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Matsukichi, the apprentice of Osaka Tenma’s gelatin wholesale store Igawaya, has a hidden past. Four years ago, Hikosaka Kazuma, a retainer of Naemura domain, died in an act of revenge by a young samurai called Tatebe Genbu. It seemed that Tsurunosuke would also be attacked. At that moment, Wasuke, the owner of Igawaya who happened to be there by chance, saved Tsurunosuke’s life with silver currency meant as a donation for rebuilding the Tenmangu which was burnt down in a great fire. Tsurunosuke gave up his status as a samurai in order to survive and changed his name to Matsukichi. Wasuke adopted Matsukichi and tries to raise him to live as a merchant and apprentice of Igawaya but Matsukichi’s heart wavers over going the way of a merchant … … Wasuke and his clerk Zenjiro are strict in training and disciplining Matsukichi. Matsukichi slowly embarks on the path of a merchant and grows up as he overcomes various incidents concerning the reputation of the small gelatin wholesale store. He also develops a crush on Maho, the daughter of a restaurant owner who is Igawaya’s customer. With the support of Maho and other good-hearted people, he aspires to create a new gelatin, but a great fire strikes the town once again.

Hayashi Kento as Matsukichi
When he was 10, his father was slayed right in front of him by a sword in an act of revenge. However, his life was saved in exchange for silver currency by a merchant called Wasuke who happened to be there. And so he transformed from Tsurunosuke, the son of a samurai, to Matsukichi, the apprentice. He is at the mercy of this cruel fate as he continues to search for who he is and the meaning of life.

Matsuoka Mayu/Ashida Mana as Maho
The daughter of Kahei who ran the restaurant Mahoya and created novel cuisine with vegetable gelatin. When she was 9, she met Matsukichi by fate. She managed the restaurant Mahoya with her father and had a crush on Matsukichi who delivered the gelatin. However, she went missing in the great fire that swept through Osaka and her father lost his life. After that, she decided to live as Otetsu, the daughter of Ohiro who rescued her. Five years later, she is reunited with Matsukichi, but thinking of Ohiro, she requests that they do not meet again. However, her feelings for Matsukichi grows stronger … …

Shiomi Sansei as Zenjiro
Igawaya’s clerk. He upholds the reputation of Igawaya with his master Wasuke. His golden rules are: thrift, quick wits and believe in god. He is hard on Matsukichi in order to work for the silver currency to donate to the Tenmangu, but … …

Ishiguro Ken as Hikosaka Kazuma
Matsukichi’s father. He killed his superior and became a samurai without a lord. He later lost his life to Tatebe Genbu who avenged his father’s death. His dying words to Matsukichi was “Live on!” The truth of the revenge comes to light 17 years later.

Kazama Shunsuke as Tatebe Genbu
A young samurai whose father was Naemura domain’s accountant. He killed his father’s foe Hikosaka Kazuma, but accepted Wasuke’s silver currency and dropped from sight. 17 years later, he visits Matsukichi who has become a merchant and talks about the truth of the incident.

Tsugawa Masahiko as Wasuke
The owner of the gelatin wholesale store, Igawaya. He saves Matsukichi’s life with the silver currency that should have been donated to the Tenmangu. He is usually good-natured, but his quick thinking, speech and conduct gives him the air of a merchant as well as person of high calibre.

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