First Class Season 1


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Saturdays, 11.10 – 11.54 p.m. from 19 April 2014

Fuji TV

Yoshinari Chinami attended a fashion college with the dream of working in the fashion world. However, her job search did not go her way and she has been selling buttons and fabric at a clothing material store in an old neighbourhood of Tokyo. One day, she unexpectedly makes the acquaintance of Osawa Rumi, the chief editor of the fashion magazine First Class, and ends up working as an intern at the coveted editorial department, which she thought she never would. It is a dazzling world which she has never seen before. But the editorial department is not glamorous like what she had imagined. What opens up to her is a terrifying den of demons where females prey on each other day after day … … A battle is being waged by those beneath the fiendish Rumi who reigns over the fashion world including Kawashima Remie and Kimura Shirayuki within the editorial department as well as the top models Miina and Erena. It is also a ridiculous female world where women are assigned ratings and rankings change everyday. If a person is incompetent in his or her work, he or she will be deemed unable to rise from office girl. The only way to survive in this harsh place is to be “first class”. Chinami’s only friend is the assistant photographer Nishihara Itsuki. Will she be able to to find happiness in this fashion hell?

Sawajiri Erika as Yoshinari Chinami
Born in Ibaraki Prefecture’s Utsunomiya City, she graduated from a fashion college with the dream of working in the fashion industry. But she could not get into anything related to fashion such as manufacturers and publishers that she managed to lay her hands on in her job search. Even so, she got a job at a clothing material store out of a desire to be involved in fashion. One day, she suddenly ends up working as an editor at the fashion magazine First Class, but what awaits her are frenzied days.

Nakamaru Yuichi as Nishihara Itsuki
A photographer’s assistant who is still unrecognised. He is the type who does everything well. Although he had outstanding academic results in junior high and high school and was blessed in his friendships, he did not find what he wanted to do in university. He is generation sandwiched between the pressure-free and the lost generations. He has an interest in photography and attended a vocational school. He got his present job two years ago, but is of two minds whether it is good or not.

Sasaki Nozomi as Miina
A subscriber of First Class who rose to become the magazine’s top model. Because she is self-centred, she always causes trouble for those around her and people are fearful of her audacity. However, she has a constant stream of work because she has gained a huge following of teens. No one knows she was fat in the past. Fearing that she may get fat again someday, she is not able to do without weight-loss medication.

Nanao as Kawashima Remie
A US-born editor and a full-time employee of First Class. She returned to Japan at the age of 2 and cannot speak English. She has a dependence on love. Her father is a director of a major trading company and she lives alone in a mansion which he owns. Although she loves both fashion and magazines, she does understand the meaning of injecting enthusiasm in work. She thinks it is absurd to toil hard. She judges the people around her by their utility value and takes no notice of those who are of no use.

Tabata Tomoko as Kimura Shirayuki
A contract editor with First Class. Bitterly bullied in the past, she says she will definitely get even, and has developed a hungry spirit. Because of her exceptional desire to move upward, she is dissatisfied with her position as a contract employee and cannot hide her frustration at the incompetent full-time employees. She keeps harassing newbie Yoshinari Chinami.

Itaya Yuka as Osawa Rumi
The fiendish chief editor of First Class and a full-time employee. The queen who reigns over the fashion world and the top fashion magazine chief editor. She is “first class” and as a charismatic person, has extraordinary influence in the fashion world. She is harsh on herself as well as others. Perceptive and observant, she is immediately able to see through the double-dealing and lies as well as essence of a person. Her present husband is a fashion designer 10 years her junior.

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