Roosevelt Game CM (90s version)

Hosokawa: Do you intend switch to another company?
Sasai: The chairman has entrusted the company’s turnaround to him.
It’s not for me to interfere.
I leave the closure of the baseball club to you.
Isaka: We don’t have a coach,
On top of that, we don’t even have our cleanup batter!
How are we going to compete?
Mikami: If things go on this way, the baseball club will be scrapped.
This is lenient!
Nagato: It’s because it’s like this that we slipped into the red.
So win, you loser!
Misato: You know something?
Bando: I hope you will continue go easy on us on one thing.
Asahina: What is going on, president?
Toyooka: When will he be back?
Okihara: Then why are you here?!
Arisa: That’s impossible.
Because I hate to lose.
Daido: In order for us to win, we have to catch up if they score.
There’s no other way.
If they score 3 points, we’ll get 4.
If they score 7 points, we’ll get 8.
If they score 7 points, we should get 8.
This is the story of coming from behind.

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