Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 3 Digest & Episode 4 CM

Episode 3 Digest
Ami: Are you Shingai-san?
Shingai: Yes.
Ami: Did you regain your memory after that?
Shingai: I would actually like you to check up on me.
Terakado: Aaahh, I’ve found him. This one!
Ami: Ah indeed!
Shingai Kazuhiko
Ami: It’s Shingai-san.
Can you lend this to me for a while?
Osugi: The Glarke Alpha mission.
There are rumours that your late wife resigned from Public Security because of a top secret operation which she participated in five years ago.
What exactly happened?
Kuraki: Are you okay?
The Daruma may have appeared in my wife’s dreams.
Perhaps even my daughter’s.
It is possible that Sardonia terrorists propositioned Parasite Net or Kakei himself to join their struggle in order to assassinate the president.
Wakamatsu: That’s nonsense … …
Kuraki: If you have other theories, let’s hear it.
Wakamatsu: What’s with that tone?
Muroi: Wakamatsu-kun.
Higashi: Kuraki of Public Security is offensive.
Like a fly.
Take him out for a while.
Miki: Inspector Kuraki!
Higashi and his men did this, didn’t they?
Kuraki: You know Assistant Commissioner Tsuki of the National Police Agency, don’t you?
The assistant commissioner of the National Police Agency’s Police Administration Bureau.
Special Inspector General.
But he’s actually suppressing scandals within the police so that it doesn’t get out, especially to the mass media.
His job is to hush things up.
I believe he’s risen to some bait.
Maybe Shingai wasn’t standing between you and Kakei
Miki: You seem determined to make me into the mysterious woman.
Kuraki: Chihiro … …

Episode 4 Preview
Kuraki: If you continue any further with this investigation, the people around you may get dragged into it.
Man: I wonder how your daughter will be if she reads the article.
A family crisis
Osugi: You!
Nakagami: I’ll take care of Shingai.
Osugi: Who’s this fellow?
Tsuki: I’m Tsuki Shunsuke.
Tsuki finally shows himself
Tsuki: What I’m proposing is an alliance.
What is he talking about?

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