Mozu Season 1 ~ Mozu no Sakebu Yoru – Episode 2 Digest & Episode 3 CM

Episode 2 Digest
Narumiya: Take a look. There’s no footage of the place that the girl is looking at.
Osugi: The First Investigative Division has kept quiet about the fact that a part of the footage of the security cameras at the scene of the blast was erased.
You must be hiding something.
Don’t think you can run away, lass.
Kuraki: Your father went missing while on a mission when you were in high school. But information on the case is practically non-existent.
A Public Security officer’s disappearance can basically be classified into two possibilities.
He got involved in some case, or … …
Miki: I’m leaving.
Kuraki: Are you running away?
Miki: This is like a child’s provocation.
Kuraki: This will be the first one.
Kuraki: Were you guys the ones who erased the security camera footage?
Higashi: Why do you think I’ve something to do with the bombing? Do you have any proof?
Kuraki: There must be some big conspiracy behind this case. Who do you have behind you?
Higashi: I hate the unreasonable investigations of Public Security.
Police: We’re from Minami Azabu Police Precinct. You’re Higashi Kazuo, aren’t you?
Caretaker: Shingai-san has returned, Akeboshi-san.
Miki: Are you Hiromi’s older brother?
Shingai: Someone appears to have returned to your apartment.
Am I really responsible for the bomb explosion?
Miki: Do as I say. We’ll find your younger sister for you.

Episode 3 Preview
Kuraki: Maybe the Daruma appeared in my wife’s dream.
The true identity of the mysterious Daruma man
Osugi: So the Daruma was involved in the Glarke Alpha mission?
And Public Security’s Glarke Alpha mission
Ami: Is it Shingai-san?
Shingai: I want you to check up on me.
The past of Shingai Kazuhiko that is discovered
Kuraki: You never told me that Shingai Kazuhiko has a younger sister.
Higashi: Public Security’s Kuraki is an eyesore.
Take him out for a while.

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