Saigo kara Nibanme no Koi Season 2


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Thurdays, 10.00 – 10.54 p.m. from 17 April 2014

Fuji TV

48-year-old Yoshino Chiaki is a single woman living in a traditional folk house in Kamakura. As the producer of many dramas, Chiaki has been promoted to deputy manager of the Drama Production Department at JMT TV and is now in a position where she has left the production sets to groom her juniors. But she is lonely and feels that this is the end of her career. The members of Team Chiaki including Nagakura Mariko whose talent was discovered by Chiaki and is under training to be a scriptwriter as well as assistant producer Mitsui-san sense that Chiaki is actually waiting to be consulted even though she says she will not interfere. 52-year-old Nagakura Wahei, the head of Kamakura City Municipal Office’s Tourism Promotion Division, remains shocked by Kamakura’s failure to gain World Heritage status. The blame for Kamakura’s failed bid has been pushed on Wahei and he is even made to double as the head of the Secretariat Division. The new female mayor Isayama Ryoko seems to have nominated Wahei because he “will not get in the way”. Meanwhile, Wahei’s younger brother Shinpei who runs the cafe ‘Nagakura’ on the first floor of the Nagakura residence is dating Wahei’s subordinate Ohashi Tomomi and their relationship is going well. Suspecting her husband Mizutani Hiroyuki of having an affair, Wahei’s younger sister Noriko, a full-time housewife, comes to ‘Nagakura’ and quickly takes this up with Wahei, Chiaki and the rest. One night, Wahei heads home after work and sees his daughter Erina together with her boyfriend Harada Sota at Gokurakuji Station. On this occasion, Wahei makes the acquaintance of Sota’s mother Kaoruko who has escorted Erina with Sota. Kaoruko appears to live with Sota. At that moment, Wahei ends up accompanying the mayor to Kamakura’s sister city Nice in France on very short notice. At the same time, Chiaki learns that Mariko and Mitsui-san are struggling with the dramatisation of a certain author’s work and declares that she will go to Paris where the author is and directly negotiate for the rights to the original work … …

Koizumi Kyoko as Yoshino Chiaki
A drama producer for the television station, JMT. She has a cheerful personality and the disposition of a big sister, and is liked by everyone. On the other hand, she has quite a sharp tongue and the personality that Nagakura Wahei would call a former delinquent. Because she is the typical career woman, she did not marry or start a family. Her topics with female friends who are also single, are health and old age. Reality is quite different from the future she had envisioned of work and family at the time she joined the company, and she feels insecure about the future. Thinking that something may change if she can spend time at a leisurely pace, she starts living alone in a traditional folk house in Kamakura. She meets the members of the Nagakura family next door and clashes with them as she lives a new life. At one point in time, she and Nagakura Shinpei were a couple but they have broken up. She and Wahei always quarrel once they talk, but get on well with each other for some reason.

Nakai Kiichi as Nagakura Wahei
The eldest son of the Nagakura family and widower with a 13-year-old daughter. He assumed the role of surrogate parent to his three siblings and supported the family because their parents died early. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is also caring, but he is too serious, argumentative and moralises excessively. When he has a conversation with Yoshino Chiaki, he would unconsciously be bothered about the details and point that out. This would anger her and result in an argument time and time again. The head of the Tourist Promotion Division of Kamakura City’s municipal office. Lately, he has become conscious of his flagging physical stamina and is even more sensitive about age than Chiaki. He gets pushed around by the rather individualistic people who surround him at home and in the workplace every day. He starts to be reminded of the way love feels for the first time in a long while when he meets Chiaki who lives next door.

Sakaguchi Kenji as Nagakura Shinpei
Nagakura Wahei’s handsome younger brother. A good cook, he runs ‘Nagakura’, a cafe which was opened after the first floor of the Nagakura residence was converted. He is cheerful and has an open heart like an “angel”. When he was young, he suffered a serious illness. He avoided dating a particular woman and could not truly love someone, because he did not know when he would collapse and also did not want to cause the other party grief. But his thinking changed after meeting Yoshino Chiaki. Chiaki was his first girlfriend. Even though they have split up, they continue to have a frank relationship

Uchida Yuki as Nagakura Mariko
The second daughter of the Nagakura family. Nagakura Shinpei’s elder fraternal twin. She is extremely uncomfortable around strangers and is a sensitive soul who gets deeply hurt by people’s offhand remarks. After graduating from high school, she attended college but could not adapt well and dropped out. However, she slowly starts to change because of her acquaintance with Yoshino Chiaki. Chosen by Chiaki for her individuality, she has started working for the same drama team and now aims to be a scriptwriter. She is in love with Chiaki.

Kase Ryo as Takayama Ryota
Yoshino Chiaki’s much younger ex-boyfriend. His nickname is “post-it boyfriend”. Although he won a scriptwriting competition in the past, he is now a not very successful scriptwriter. He got involved with Chiaki and immediately started living together, but on the third day, he left a post-it with the words, “Sorry, it’s impossible” and disappeared from her life. He suddenly appears before Chiaki.

Hasegawa Kyoko as Harada Kaoruko
The mother of Harada Sota, the boyfriend of Nagakura Wahei’s only daughter Erina. The polar opposite of Yoshino Chiaki, she is a little clumsy and prone to making silly mistakes. Gentle and soft-spoken, she conforms to the type of female that Wahei likes. Her husband died in an accident, just like with Wahei and his wife. Is there a possibility of that love will gradually develop?

Iijima Naoko as Mizutani Noriko
The eldest daughter of the Nagakura family. A housewife. She is self-centred, barely listens to what someone has to say and is naggy. After graduating from high school, she immediately married Mizutani Hiroyuki, the physical education teacher who was in charge of her class, and became the mother of a boy, Sho. Things were good when her son was young, but right now her husband is completely wizen and her son only sees her as a cook or housekeeper. Feeling disgusted with the situation, she hangs around the homes of her family and Yoshino Chiaki, almost every day. She is close to Chiaki who is of the same age. She lacks morals and sometimes gets into a mess.

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