Mozu Season 1 Episode 1 Digest & Episode 2 CM

Episode 1 Digest
Bomb blast occurs in Ginza, Tokyo
Minami: I was walking when I suddenly heard a loud noise.
Paramedic: Level of consciousness 3.
Doctor: Get Dr Takagi.
Special Investigation Task Force
Bomb explosion in front of Ginza Izutsuya

Detective: One of the two casualties at the centre of the bomb explosion
is former Public Security officer Kuraki Chihiro.
Osugi: Public Security?
Even if he comes, she’s not in a state to be shown.
Kuraki: I’m Kuraki.
This is indeed my wife.
Osugi: You’re Sergeant Akeboshi Miki of Public Security’s Second Division, aren’t you?
Miki: I was following a man called Shingai Kazuhiko.
Shingai was after Kakei.
Detective: A homeless man was picking a quarrel with a group of three women including the victim Kuraki Chihiro.
Kakei rushed came running over.
His bag exploded right after that, according to eyewitness statements.
Higashi: Are you sure Shingai has lost his memory?
Doctor: Do you know your name? Your own name?
Shingai: I don’t!
Ami: I’ll write an article about you for the city’s newsletter page and look for people who know you.
Shingai’s sister: Brother!
Searching for amnesiac man’s identity
Shingai: Why is it me?
What did I do? Who am I?
Akai: You’re a killing machine.
Kuraki: You mean Japan’s biggest security firm hired a professional killer?
Miki: That’s why this is top secret even within Public Security.
Tsuki: Five years ago, Inspector Kuraki’s late wife was assigned a special mission.
Kuraki: My wife had emotional problems and tried committing suicide many times.
Osugi: Do you think there is a connection between the bomb explosion and your late wife?
Ami: I’m sure God will tell you to live.
Shingai: You know where my sister is living, don’t you?
Miki: Shingai is …
Tsuki: holding his breath somewhere like a best.
Kuraki: I just want to know the whole truth of my wife’s death.

Episode 2 Preview
Narumiya: Look at this girl.
She wasn’t in the footage just now.
The erased security camera footage
Osugi: You must be hiding something.
Kuraki: Were you the one who ordered the use of the bomb?
Who plotted the bombing?
Higashi: You’re Public Security?
Miki: Higashi is not an easy opponent.
Shingai: Was I really responsible for the bomb explosion?
Who is Shingai Kazuhiko
Miki: You’re not the criminal.
Kuraki: I’ll arrest Shingai.

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