White Lab ~ Keishichou Tokubetsu Kagaku Sousahan


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Mondays, 8.00 – 8.54 p.m. from 14 April 2014


The special forensic science team, White Lab, is a new unit established within the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s First Investigative Division because of the need to swiftly capture criminals of violent crimes with hard evidence. It has the knowledge of the crime lab and the investigative authority of the First Investigative Division. The investigators of the White Lab are the scientist Ichinose Satoshi who is remarkable in his scientific criminal investigation ability, former crime lab ace Okunuki Toru, information analyst Yamane Takehiko, and former Public Security officer Honda Masayuki who is knowledgeable about psychology. They are all science geeks with a quirk or two. Kamiyama Keiko brings the White Lab together as its new leader. On the day she takes up her new post on the orders of Kuroda Kei, the chief of criminal investigations, only Yamane is in the unit. The dead body of university professor Kobayakawa Akemi has been discovered in front of the Department of Science and Engineering’s lab building where she works. Keiko visits the crime scene and meets Ichinose, Okunuki and Honda. Akemi is believed to have fallen from the window of a research lab on the seventh floor because she died due to a head injury. Her fingerprints are on the window frame and no one else besides her was caught on the security cameras. It is also not possible for someone to enter the research lab out of sight of the security cameras so the detectives of the First Investigative Division other than the White Lab conclude that she most likely committed suicide. However, Okunuki’s autopsy indicates the possibility of murder. If Akemi had jumped out on her own, she would mostly have injured her feet. However, the dead body sustained serious head injuries which is consistent with being pushed out of the window by somebody. Her murderer who had slipped through the watchful eyes of the security cameras must surely be there. Akemi was a person who had attracted attention for inventing a new material called “metaskeleton” that would make something invisible. The White Lab starts investigating the people with motives to kill Akemi under Keiko’s command. But in the midst of this, Ichinose declares that no one entered the research lab to kill her … …

Kitamura Kazuki as Ichinose Satoshi
A former scientist. After he graduated from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he studied at a US postgraduate school. He has keen insight and outstanding scientific criminal investigation ability. He is unrivalled in his ability to guide any difficult case toward settlement. He usually gets carried away easily and brims with curiosity. His belief is that “science is hope”.

Tanihara Shosuke as Honda Masayuki
He used to belong to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Public Security Department. He has a good knowledge of criminal and behavioural psychology, and is able to read a the background of a person he is standing face to face with just from his or her features and personal effects. He even has the nickname “human lie detector”. He is a stoic hardworker with a barbed tongue.

Miyasako Hiroyuki as Okunuki Toru
The former ace of the forensics lab. Appreciated for his knowledge which extends beyond the crime lab, he is made a member of the White Lab. He has committed all past cases and precedents that occurred both in Japan and abroad to memory. With this ability and his own way of thinking, he finds many clues which become hints to solving cases.

Wakui Emi as Kamiyama Keiko
An assistant inspector of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s First Investigative Division and a non-career officer who worked her way up. She has a strong sense of justice and responsibility and works harder than the male detectives. Although she has completely no scientific knowledge, she realises the potential of this team and is committed to make the people around her acknowledge the White Lab. She wishes to progress in her career for the sake of her husband and children.

Yabu Kota as Yamane Takehiko
A former member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Cyberterrorism Division and an elite who is good at crime and gathering information through hacking. He has an excellent ability as an analyst and charming looks, but is a young man of today. Digital is what he does best. He is knowledgeable about the latest cyber crimes as well as mechanical things.

Osugi Ren as Kuroda Kei
A career bureaucrat who has had overseas posting experience. He has adopted the latest investigation methods and a cosmopolitan way of thinking. He is the person who mooted the establishment of the White Lab with the objective of deterring violent crimes, expediting arrests and preventing false charges. He is the type who is good to work for and not concerned about the small details.

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  1. piebokou says:

    It quite sad they did not get a second season.

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