Mozu Season 1 CM (120s version)

Minami: I’m in front of Izutsuya. I was walking when I suddenly heard a loud noise.
The next moment, things went flying.
Kuraki Naotake, the Public Security’s ace who lost his wife
Kuraki: I’m Kuraki.
Kuraki: I’ve no doubt that this is my wife.
Osugi Ryota, the self-made detective in charge of the investigation
Osugi: Do you think the bombing has some connection with your late wife?
Akebono Miki, the Public Security officer who holds the key to the case
Kuraki: I can hardly believe that you just happened to be at that scene.
Miki: The inspector seems intent on making me into the mysterious woman.
Osugi: Who’s he? What are the two of you thinking?!
The professional killer who has lost his memory
Miki: He is a killer. A brutal one.
Shingai: Was the bombing really carried out by me?
Kuraki: If you have the time to be concerned about me, go and meet this woman.
Osugi: I will go even if you didn’t tell me to.
Osugi: There are rumours that your late wife resigned from Public Security because of a top secret operation that she participated in five years ago.
Tsuki: There have to be some sacrifices. Does your heart hurt?
Miki: It doesn’t.
Kuraki: I’m sure there’s some big conspiracy behind this case.
Higashi: I hate the unreasonable investigations of Public Security.
Kuraki: Why did my wife die? I just want to know the whole truth.


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