Kohiya no Hitobito CM

A cup of coffee can change a life.
Kohiya, a coffee shop on a shopping street in a traditional working class district of Tokyo.
Soda Kosuke, the ex-convict owner.
Kashiwagi Fuyuko, a woman who knows Kosuke’s secret.
Chika, a bar hostess who only believes in money.
Shimaki, a playboy florist.
Yuko, a beautiful, flawed female proprietress.
Eiji, a former detective and regular customer.
An intersection where the emotionally scarred gather.
A cup of coffee can heal people’s hearts.
Fumie who supports a forbidden love.
A man confronts his own past.
A totally forbidden love.

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This blog contains information and musings on current and upcoming Japanese dramas but is not intended to be comprehensive.
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