Mozu Season 1 CM 3

Those guys will never figure out our inducement.
A bombing in Ginza, Tokyo
Minami: Miyuki-chan says she saw a monster.
What did the young girl see?
Kuraki: I want to know the real truth.
Why did my wife die?
The Public Security ace who lost his wife
Osugi: There’re rumours that your late wife resigned from Public Security because of a top secret operation that she participated in five years ago.
Miki: I was pursuing a guy named Shingai Kazuhiko.
Who am I?
The professional killer with amnesia
Shingai: Was I really behind the bombing?
Kuraki: It’s our job to see what cannot be seen.
Higashi: I hate the unreasonable investigations of Public Security.
Kuraki: I fled the truth once before, that’s why I won’t do it again.


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