Fuji TV Drama Special 2014 ~ Yo ni mo Kimyo na Monogatari 2014 Haru no Tokubetsu-hen

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From 9.00 p.m., 5 April 2014

Story: Karube Chiyomi (Watanabe Eri) has bought a cemetery plot where cherry blossom trees stand. After she shelters Ino Yuko (Maya Kyoko), who has bought the neighbouring plot, to the bus stop with her umbrella, they become “cemetery friends”. One day, Chiyomi is at work cleaning a building when Yuko appears. The two of them have a meal together and completely hit it off, and Chiyomi even tells Yuko about her interest in watching plays. On a day off work, Chiyomi is relaxing at home when Yuko arrives. Chiyomi is surprised by her appearance. The coat Yuko is wearing, matches the one that Chiyomi had worn when they first met. Yuko then hands a red scarf that is the same as hers to Chiyomi, and invites her to watch a play, but … …
Cast: Watanabe Eri, Maya Kyoko

Fukushu Byoto
Story: Summoned by his son’s doctor (Fujiki Naohito), Ishida Michio (Akai Hidekazu) drives to the hospital in the rain. Materials had struck Ishida’s only son Yuji just as he stepped into a construction site. He fractured his foot and has been hospitalised. Ishida is escorted into the hospital which is pitch dark because of a blackout triggered by lightning. Although Ishida is deeply concerned about his son’s condition, the doctor extracts information from him about being a high school’s physical education teacher and starts to chat about corporal punishment. Then the doctor takes out a bamboo kendo sword from a locker in the corner of the room, and reminisces about himself with the sword.
Cast: Fujiki Naohito, Akai Hidekazu

Kuusou Shojo
Story: Asahina Kaoru (Nonen Rena) is a high student who attends a school for rich girls, but for some reason cannot fit into the class. Kaoru would read a historical novel while she makes the 1 hour 40 minute commute to school each way and delight in immersing herself in that world. She has one more pleasure. She would imagine the handsome high school student Misawa Haruto (Irie Jingi) who boards the bus halfway to be the image of Ishida Mitsunari, the most good looking of the Sengoku period’s military commanders. Kaoru is indulging in her wild fantasies as always when she realises that an old man is standing in front of her. She looks around the inside of the bus to give up her seat, but … …
Cast: Nonen Rena, Iitoyo Mariya, Irie Jingi, Mickey Curtis

NEETna Kare to Cutena Kanojo
Story: Akita Masashi (Tamamori Yuta) has moved into government subsidised public housing for one person. The latest home network system has been introduced. When personal data is punched in, a programmed dedicated concierge will appear to manage the apartment’s electronic devices. After Masashi his enters personal data, MM-2020α (Kimura Fumino) immediately appears in a maid’s uniform. Masashi and MM start living together. A jobless university graduate, Masashi goes out for job interviews but the outcome is unfavourable every day. One day, he gets advice from MM and feels a good response to an interview he has gone to, but … …
Cast: Tamamori Yuta, Kimura Fumino

Last Cinema
Story: Hoshino Ayano (Eikura Nana) works as a video director at a television station. After she talks about a break up with her boyfriend Iwasaki Kazuhiko (Kaneko Nobuaki) who works at the same company, she gets into an accident at a worksite. Right after that, Ayano is at a cinema. The video being projected on the screen shows her life and Ayano becomes aware that she is dead. However, the content is severely abridged and has a completely unsatisfactory ending. Ayano complains that the quality of the video is too low to the manager (Kitaro) who appears. The manager presumes Ayano is a video director by profession and Ayano will have to put together her own life by herself, but … …
Cast: Eikura Nana, Kaneko Nobuaki, Kitaro

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