Mozu Season 1 CM 2

Police: There’s been a sudden explosion.
The Public Security’s ace who lost his wife in the explosion
The Public Security’s ace who lost his wife
Osugi: Do you think the explosion has some connection with your wife?
The suspected criminal is a mysterious man who has lost his memory.
The professional killer with amnesia
Miki: He’s a killer. A brutal one.
Osugi: Who’s he? What are you guys thinking?
Kuraki: I’m sure there’s some big conspiracy behind this case.
The hidden conspiracy behind the case
Higashi: You’d be better off not knowing.
The truth is … …
Tsuki: There have to be some sacrifices. Does it pain you?
Miki: It doesn’t.
Kuraki: Why did my wife die? I just want to know the whole truth.

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